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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 15, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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career criminal spending the last of his wasted life in prison. i'm gretta van susteren, good night. night. >> good morning, everyone, sunday, april 15th, i'm alisyn camerota. extreme weather alert. twister terror in the midwest, more than 100 tornados across one state. >> two tornados, two tornados. >> oh, yeah! >> oh, my gosh! >> well, storm chasers may like it, but they are deadly and we're live in iowa where 75 percent of that town is destroyed. >> dave: and dick cheney is speaking out just three weeks after getting that new heart and using it to go after the president. >> i think he has been an
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unmitigated disaster to the country. >> dave: tell us how you really feel. more from the former vp ahead. >> clayton: all aboard, why the former head of the tsa now says that lighters and knives should be be allowed in the sky and he's being called on the what he calls the broken mess at our airports. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, we have a very busy morning for you, we begin with a fox news alert, because not heeding yesterday's warning to prepare for mother nature's wrath. and hundreds of horrifying twisters just like this one in kansas, they violently poured through the midwest and they're now blamed for the tragic deaths of at least five in oklahoma. >> one of the hardest hit
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towns, in they aurmon, iowa whe 75% of the town has been destroyed. over to you, rick, happening in the overnight hours. >> rick: good morning, yeah, this one coming through thurmon, iowa during the dark time around 7, 7:30, a lot of rain earlier in the day probably made things better, at least in nebraska, it cools the atmosphere down and it wasn't as explosive and kansas and oklahoma where we see some of the biggest pictures of the large her tornados. and here, on the outskirts of town, just pulled in around ten minutes ago and a lot of tree damage, a lot of minor home damage, at least at first look right here, but we have been able to get farther in, there's still power lines down and not letting us get farther into town. this small town, 230 population and 90 buildings in
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the town. take you look, i want you take you through area. and in neb rasknebraska, a ragil storm, flash flooding and cashes washed out so much precipitation and lame it hooked like snow. but this was in the northeast corner and that storm was not tornadic it was just a hill storm. some of the still pictures out of kansas, getting an idea what it looked like. a storm chaser friend of mine was there, jeremy holmes and take a look at that tornado, what a scary sight in kansas, three different pictures that he got that he sent to me and all around the central kansas area, the town of selena was under the gun. and it's a big town around 40,000 people and around three miles before selena, that
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tornado lifted and then landed again, right on the other side of the town. so they were certainly spared. but think about the storms kansas, guys, and oklahoma sparsely populated, small towns every eight to ten miles and these tornados for the most part dodged the towns and that's not always the case. five years ago kansas, one of the small towns was wiped off the map and an overnight tornado, last night during the overnight hours, woodward, oklahoma one of the towns that was hit, people were hearing reports that lightning had taken out the alarm system before the tornado got there. so they didn't have any audible warning of the tornado coming and that's where we're now hearing reports of five fatalities and a churning of that town that's been destroyed. at this point, it many ways, nebraska dodged the bullet because it got so much rain earlier on and it cooled the environment and kansas and oklahoma a lot of folks in the
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overnight hours we'll get more idea exactly what happened in the next couple of hours. >> rick, i imagine, and hard to tell at this point, but hearing the storm warnings 24 hours ahead of time. would you say that that probably accounts for why we didn't have as many deaths, obviously, because of this, because people knew about it? >> and there's two things, i think one-- because it's a job cuts in tuscaloosa, it's a great point, but we had the warning so people were very aware of what was happening and i think there's one other thing and there were so many tornado chasers out there and because of twitter and social media now, people can see a tornado, get that message out there so quickly there's a tornado on the ground and exactly where it's going and that, i think, at this point. people think social media, people in social media think it's a fun thing, but i believe they save lives. >> we saw that with earthquake
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issues, south of the border and it's crazy with the different watches and warnings. >> the tornados look so gigantic there, i mean, the funnel cloud is bigger than we remembered seeing the one that was sent in by jeremy holmes, when you were issuing the warnings as were so many forecasters, using the term life threatening, is that because you knew there'd be so many tornados or they were bigger or more powerful? >> yeah, we knew yesterday they would be big tornado, not small, ef-0, ef-1, but knew they would be big tornados, the one in kansas, if anybody was watching yesterday and seen the radar, you'd see the individual spots on the radar and when you see those, the cells, those are the ones that create these kinds of tornados. what ended up happening here in iowa was part of the squall line and you get a smaller tornado, this is definitely smaller up here, but those
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that you're seeing like this video that came down in the kansas area, those are large and when we say potentially life threatening or catastrophic tornados, that's what they were. and fortunately, for the most part, it appears they did not hit towns and more populated areas except for that one likely in the woodward, oklahoma area. >> thank you, rick, we should caution, obviously, these are overnight storms, we're probably not aware of the damage or the deaths just yet and you can see where rick is there, hardly a clue what happened overnight and we will learn throughout the next four hours. so stick around. >> the let's tuck about politics, president obama is doing just that. sat down for an interview and talked about how if he just gets another term, he'll be able to truly tackle one of his pop priorities and that is immigration reform and if it's
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deja vu, it's that candidate obama said the same there. >> dave: he actually said that immigration reform would be the top priority first year as president and he said i
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guarantee in my first year as president, i'll put forth legislation that will reform immigration. he used the word guarantee and now as president he realizes it's hard to make guarantees like that because so many other people have to-- >> tried to get nixon to do this. >> absolutely. a little bit more sir vum inspect. if congress will go along. >> dave: correct me if i'm wrong. he said i have no vote for it. what bill, what plan has he pushed forward to say this is my plan, this is what i want to do, will you vote for it.
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and if that's knock on the president, whether it's health care or whether it's the economy, that he lets other people craft things without saying here is my plan and show some leadership and then we'll see where you vote on it. >> democrats would argue that the only thing they would see would be the dream act, but that was minor, inconsequential when you talk about the 11 million immigrants in the country and another exchange that the president had with russian president medvedev. and we talked about the last election and what he hoped to accomplish, take a listen. >> after my election i have more flexibility. >> and not relevant to immigration, but he has focus
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on the he next term. >> dave: meanwhile, dick cheney the former vice-president, weeks after getting the new heart took to the stage and dick cheney has a new heart and has plenty of life and plenty of vigor, he looks good. >> clayton: a lot of fire. >> dave: he had a lot of fire last night and he talked a lot of things and of course, focusing on president obama. >> can't think of a time when i felt it was more important for us, with respect to barack obama. i think he has been an unmitigated disaster to the country. and i think in this a position where he gets four more years in the white house, and continuing the policy he has moved with the economy and policy and some other areas would be a huge, huge disappointment. >> clayton: i also talked about the need for the party to rally behind mitt romney.
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and obviously we have he a been going through the rancorous debates. barbara bush says it's been one of the most rancorous. >> and now a rally behind mitt romney. >> i think it's very important that we get together and gather together and get behind our likely nominee, mitt romney. i've known him for a long time, i've got a lot of confidence in him. >> he said he'll do a whale of a job. >> dave: a whale of a job. >> alisyn: he'll do a whale of a job, but as much as it's as political story, it's a medical story. everybody said that he spoke for an hour, that he didn't get-- >> it's remarkable. >> alisyn: he looks much more healthy than the past year. >> dave: yeah, it took. >> alisyn: more robust. >> dave: and not talking with a cain. >> clayton: or the battery
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pack and flew back to jackson hole, wyoming, he didn't stick around and shake hands, but flew in and flew out, but a month after heart surgery. >> alisyn: let's talk about stimulus dollars, two plans in michigan, 300 million dollars, these were electric battery plants and two plants in fact the president and vice-president featured. they went to the plants for the ground breaking and these were actually shovel ready project that were getting 300 million in stimulus. yes, these plants did produce electric batteries, but they used foreign korean workers, the accusation, to do so. >> dave: and they were largely owned by koreans as well, and lg kem and dow fo-kem got a lot of our stimulus dollars and created jobs for koreans.
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and they say they were temporary, legal and the koreans who took the job have unique experience with sophisticated equipment. they're saying there was no americans who could provide this work. >> dave: that's a dispouted notion. >> alisyn: it's possible. because we know that training has been down. you know, we do have a problem with skilled workers here, so this is the same ball of wax. that we have the money within those jobs, but not the workers and not the skills. >> clayton: not the engineers perhaps to do that and some people would say that's baloney and like mike, not against the president, from another country, but this is american taxpayer dollars and there should be american jobs created with those american taxpayer dollars. >> alisyn: you would think there would be laws or
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stipulations that the money go to american workers. >> right. >> alisyn: of course it's more complicated. >> dave: that's one of the flaws, you rush the thing out there, are they shovel ready jobs, how will woo he diree dir. and one of the disagreements between the supporters. >> clayton: my pal dave briggs, flying out. >> alisyn: actually tomorrow morning and the first time i've flown at five and-- >> i'll enjoy that. >> dave: six hour flight. >> clayton: you have to deal with bringing more than through ounces of liquids and shoes. and the former head of the tsa says the whole thing is a broken mess and criticizing the way that the tsa goes through the routine and remarkable to hear him saying all of these things don't work.
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>> alisyn: very comforting. and here he is, he says that more than a decade after 9/11 the national embarrassment that the system remains so bureaucrat particular and disconnected from the people from the people who it was meant to product a and made air travel an unending nightmare for passengers and tsa check point, basically going on an easter egg hunt rather than focusing on what makes you safe. >> alisyn: that sounds more fun than standing in line. >> clayton: an easter egg hunt. >> alisyn: and i'm not sure about the analogy, one of the most shocking things, he thinks there's a way to reform the tsa, that is to allow currently banned items back on board, including knives and lighters. >> not and just that, give the tsa officers more
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flexibility, rewards for initiatives and hold them accountable and eliminate the baggage fees and randomize the security. i was struck by allowing the liquids back on and how it unfold this had year, having the bomb because of the liquid and the underwear bomber, but knives, knives and lighters. >> alisyn: and allowing knives on, i would like a justification, he knows it's just to make it faster and the tsa agents are spending so much time combing through luggage looking for lighters not focused on an actual terror plot. >> clayton: but the idea, i know his point is that the secure now not worrying about a knife going through the bullet-proof door. what about the passengers, what if one of the guys threatened the passenger, land the plane, do xy and z. >> dave: we've talked about
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things like el-al airlines and it's clear the system we have is broken and point out there are major flaws. he's got a book coming out. april 24th inside the tsa and the fight for the future of american security and that should be interesting to figure out. and overall, what we can do to fix this. >> alisyn: it's fascinating. en you don't have to put granny in the wheelchair and the-- >> or my toddler. >> alisyn: the toddler, exactly. >> clayton: 14 month old and raised eyebrow, watch out for him. >> alisyn: should we have scanned items back on? what else is happening in the news, this day, start with a developing story overnight. north korea once again defying world leaders, and unfailing
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is another missile, reportedly bigger and newer than the first rocket they attempted to launch. we know that that failed after takeoff and that launch is considered a major violation to the international law and the sign may be getting ready for a nuclear arsenal. searching for four missing boaters. this is the coast guard video of three crew members who-- first say hit by a large wave and when the boat turned around to find them, nor wave. and the conditions are not known. hundreds of prisoners escaped a prison in afghanistan after it's attacked by islamist militants. the officials say the militants were shooting guns and rocket-propelled grenades
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and the taliban says that's not been verified. snl takes on the g.o.p. >> oh, great. >> alisyn: take a look at this group of the republican presidential candidates current and former, singing about their time on the campaign trail. ♪ another turning point, a fork stuck in the road ♪ ♪ and where to go ♪ so make the best of this and don't ask why ♪ ♪ it's not effective, but it's-- >> ♪ always unpredictable, in the end it's right ♪ ♪ the campaign was the time of my life ♪ >> oh, highlights there. and loving kristin wiig as michele bachmann on the end. >> and the guy fumbled his lines, yeah, we didn't--
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newt gingrich made an appearance and everybody ducked down and everybody watched him steal peanuts from the bar. there was no ron paul. and mitt romney's has been asked to be a guest and he's considering it. one of the people they say is the least funny candidates in years, probably would go on and poke fun at-- >> sarah palin went on and did the funny rap along with tina fey and they did the rap together and a lot of people thought a great job and sort of elevated her. >> if you can go on and make fun of yourself might be a smart move. >> they have writers, he doesn't have to be funny. >> and we appreciate that if you do that, governor, on sunday morning it will show us and give us further material. >> alisyn: and further mock. and we've been showing you the video of a massive tornado moving through the midwest and now learning more about the
3:22 am
damage and the lives lost. more on that story. >> clayton: and remember the ad showing paul ryan throwing granny off a cliff. one court ruling they can run during sesame street. is this what your kids want to watch with your cartoons? >> and also, he is an american icon on and off the field, now you can share some of the memories of baseball legend ted williams. and the items up for auction, some of them more than $100,000. ♪ ♪ standing on top of the world ♪ i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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>> welcome back. extreme weather to tell you about while were you sleeping. hundreds of tornados battered america's heartland leaving a deadly path of destructive. >> two tornados, two tornados. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes! >> at least five people including two children died in oklahoma, our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth has been following the story all weekend. travelling through the midwest to one of the hardest hit at thurmon, iowa. how is it looking? are you able to see and assess some of the damage? i know it's dark. >> not only dark, but there's no power in the town at this point. can't get a real idea of the flashlight out and with some of the lights we have on the camera here, you can get an idea. this is one of the houses hit. a couple of their cars out here. trees down, siding torn off
3:27 am
and one end of the house here that the roof is gone as part of it. lots of tree dj, and power lines that are down here and there's video that we have from yesterday afternoon in this thurmon, oklahoma area that shows some of the damage that's been done, gives you an idea, certainly, a lot of people's homes experiencing damage. they're saying at this point that 90% of the homes have some sort of damage, 75% of them destroyed. that's a huge percentage for a town, keep in mind it's a small town around 235 people living in town. so it's a small town, but when 75% of your town where you've lived your entire life, it's a big loss for the folks here, big stories across kansas and oklahoma where we have more of those discrete individual monster tornados that we have all of the images and pictures coming from. and dave, last half hour, a very good point the when i was talking a lot of it's
3:28 am
happening overnight. keep in mind, it's 5:25 in the morning here and a lot of the tornados happen the last five to six hours, so, a lot is unknown about damage, about fatalities, and the storm chasers that were out in the storm in full force yesterday really are out for the most part during daylight, once it gets dark, a lot of them leave because it becomes dangerous to do it at that point. so, still will not have a good idea of what's happening until sunrise is here and the worst that we're hearing at this point is woodward, oklahoma where that area, and the fatalities, two others around 50 miles away. so, those are the fatalities, we're hearing at this point. not a lot of population, not any big town where the storms hit yesterday at least for the most part, dodged a lot of it, and that's the good news. but there have been something to hit and more information coming out in the next couple of hours, guys.
3:29 am
>> and said it was children that died in woodward, too, sadly and the footage looks terrifying and thank you for showing us that. >> clayton: it was weird hearing that overnight. more than a hundred twisters hitting, that's got to be wrong, can't be accurate. >> alisyn: sure sounds the warning systems have come a long ways for of couple of years. a scandal in colombia, deepens as we learn more and more about nearly a dozen secret service agents sent there to protect president obama relieved of their duty. and peter doocy, now it involves the military as well. >> reporter: we know it was 11 secret service personal sent packing in cart hana arguing whether or not the agent knew the woman was expected to be paid and the argument in the hallway and hotel workers wanted to know why someone had an
3:30 am
unregistered guest and other agents and supervisors became involved and so did the colombian police, the personal involved were brought to secret service headquarters in washington d.c. for interviews and have been completed. as a result all 11 employees have been placed on administrative leave awn none of the agents involved were on president's details and press secretary jay carney says the president still feels safe. >> the president does have confidence in the secret service and i think that the service has said, and point you to those reports, that this incident had no impact on the president's security. >> the chairman of the house homeland security committee says that these investigations are just getting started. >> and i'll have my staff do a preliminary investigation and i believe probably a hearing and one way or the other we'll find out exactly what happened, why it happened. what action was taken and why, what is going to be done to
3:31 am
ensure that it can't happen again. >> law enforcement officials made clear the details of what happened are still somewhat sketchy, and the secret service says they regret any distraction from the americans, that the situation has caused and here in the state that has certainly been a big one, thanks to you. >> all right, we'll find out more about that, peter, thank you for the update. let's get to some of your other headlines, the tea party alive and well in wisconsin apparently. >> this movement to growing faster. in the end, we you will share a common purpose, fiscal sanity back to washington. >> hundreds of tea partiers turning out for a tax rally. tax day rally outside the capital in madison, yesterday. the is state's lt. governor was also there among other things called for people to
3:32 am
reject union leaders attempts to recall the state's governor, scott walker. you'll remember he limited collective bargaining rights for public workers in an attempt to bridge the state's gaping budget gap. and the lt. governor will be joining us tomorrow on "fox & friends" with more on that. well, this guy is not going to get a tip. you're about to see the handiwork of a valet who reportedly lost control of a maserati and somehow managed to lodge it right underneath a jeep outside the excess hotel in miami and the the guy slamming into a mini cooper and a vintage porsche estimated at around $200,000 alone. the mini cooper survives. >> the beer was fantastic, but the valet service stunk. >> a treem come true for a life long red sox fan, double celebration and billy hogan, jr. born six days before
3:33 am
fenway park, and his 100th birthday and he joked around and faking a throw first. and 18 great grandkids and the sox faced off against the tampa bay rays, dave, a proud moment. >> clayton: look at the smile, too. >> dave: the red sox scored 25 runs in the last two days and i think they're getting back in this. should be a special day on friday at fenway park. how about ted williams, one of the best arguably, let's just the best. and serving in world war ii and the korean war. now baseball fans across the country will soon have a chance to claim a piece of this player's iconic memorabilia. joining me now is david hunt, fenway park turning 100 years old on friday and spent a lot of my years at fenway park.
3:34 am
how iconic is dead williams in terms of the relationship with fenway park. does any player represent more than he does. >> no, they're synonymous. you want to talk about the greatest player or players in their history. you have to start with and finish with dead williams and we're honored to be involved with his name. what perfect better time to do this than the 100 anniversary. >> and all of these on display april 28th at fenway park and let's talk about the auction items. the one is from babe ruth. >> yes, an amazing piece. this is a story that dead himself recounts, the only autograph he asked for. a baseball signed to my pal. dead williams and there's nothing i can say that will illustrate better than what it is. beautiful condition, a famous day he met ted almost giddy to meet him, should be about 100 to 200,000. >> 100 to 200,000.
3:35 am
>> yes. >> 1949 most valuable player trophy the year he just missed the triple crown .002 percentage on the average. >> yes. >> and this award symbolizes the epitome of a major league player accomplishment. every major league player aspires to win it, he won it this is 1948-- 49 plaque, story. this should be about 150,000 to a quarter million. >> heavy duty. >> i am a hoping they come down. >> and he won many of the batting titles. 1957. >> yes. >> he did this one at anal 39 and that's what is impressive to me. >> anybody who played baseball watches it 39 years old and he batted .388 the highest since, what he batted before that today. >> and last player to hit-- >> right now 100,000, and it
3:36 am
should be 100 to 200 in the final bidding. >> this is 1999 at, i believe, fenway park when he was at at all-star game and a lot of fans got to say goodbye to ted williams that day and new generation may have been introduced to him. >> and the pinnacle of baseball is coming back and so popular, you know, mcguire and the rest of the players were around him and tony gwinn helped to throw out the actual pitch and you're right, many of them bridged the gap between people that grew up watching him and people that didn't maybe watch him play and learned about who he was later in life and must be the most poignant moment, of the moments that i remember. i've been in fenway for a lot of moments and that may have been the warmest ovation a crowd has given a player. >> one of the underappreciated about ted williams is the service to our country and this is a guy who five years of its career, now, he was the
3:37 am
one who want today serve his country and he was not forced into action and ceremonial posting and wanted to be a naval aviator and talk about what we have here. >> they're my favorite thing in the auction and they are. they're going to bring several thousand at least, not about the dollar value and he started in the korean war, but also in world war ii. two different u.s. could be flikts. in the korean war shot down by enemy fire. he got mad. i'm not letting this plane crash, but had a wingman and flew it back to the base and a massing pair of items. you can imagine ted williams recording these and just an amazing piece. an example of what's in the collection, and really brings his life to the fans-- >> yes, two things you should know, he hit 400 and served his country and he did it bravely, this is one of the most unique items i can
3:38 am
imagine, these are personally signed by the greatest boxer of all time and you said he only asked for one autograph. >> and yes, that's right. and even tells you more, that muhammad ali is giving ted williams is an autograph. probably traded them, who knows, two of the greatest on from one great to another. and they had-- not just vice versa. incredible, how much-- >> about 3 to $4,000. there are lots are things that affordable. >> dave: maybe i have a shot. and these are all on display at fenway park april 28th and also, you can bid online. >> they're all up there. >> dave: got it. clayton, which one are you looking for, the silver bat. >> clayton: and i like the muhammad ali glove. and check dave, may have slipped something in his
3:39 am
pocket. slippery studio. remember the ad featuring paul ryan throwing granny off a cliff? who can forget this? one court ruling that it can air during sesame street. a fair and balanced debate about that. >> plus, three generations, of bomber crew members. we'll meet the dedicated family who helped keep our nation safe. good morning, gentlemen. ♪ , it seems like a good choice now. we need environmental protection. we've got more than 100 years worth of energy, right here. [announcer:] who's right? they all are. visit
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the aces our products ome from... are just as important as the places they'll go. amway conveys quality. to learn more, contact an amway independent business owner. >> 42 minutes past the hour, time for quick headlines. what a difference a day makes in arizona as sunshine turns into a foot of snow.
3:43 am
flagstaff at least eight to 12 inches, conditions expected to improve as the storm moved out of the state and somebody is free falling. >> no, they're free loading. and tom petty and the heartbreakers, police say five guitars, belonging to the band were stolen from a sound stage in california and offering a 7500 reward for information involving this crime. >> let's go over to clayton. >> thanks, alison, well, talk about a family business, one family with three generations of b-52 bomber crew members who kept our country safe are now celebrating the 60 year anniversary of that very aircraft, the b-52 bomber, two of the three, retired lieutenant kourn, daniel welch of the u.s. airport and grandpa couldn't make the trip, he's watching from home in california. nice to see both of you gentlemen this morning, welcome to "fox & friends." >> glad to be here.
3:44 am
>> thanks for having us. >> dad, let me start with you, how important is the b-52 bomber to the american air superiority really began in a way with this aircraft. tell us why it was so important to america. >> well, i think it's critically important because it was part of the nuclear triad at the time. it's versatile, has a lot of capability and a long reach and it can basically for conventional nuclear weapons, it's got a variety of precision strikes and those kind of thing. >> right. >> how many people fit in that aircraft and how long-- i've often heard how long the things can travel, too, the amount of fuel can go for a long time. >> right. and as far as the cockpit, it's ten people max. in the old day, we used to have a gunner on board and the gunner is no longer on the airport, but the thing can fly
3:45 am
unrefueled -- i mean, with refueling the airplane can fly basically around the world. >> how important was it. you've got a long legacy, with it a no-brainer for you to fly in the air force? >> something i wanted to do, want today see my dad coming home in a flight suit and go to my grandparents for christmas and talk to my grandfather, i would be a pilot flying. so i knew from a young age as far as back as i remembered that i wanted to be a pilot and just, didn't really know what plane i was wanting to fly, but knew i wanted to be in a combat weapons system. >> clayton: here is a picture of you in that bomber jacket, adorable. did you ever try to talk him out of it? >> no, i never did. >> if anything i was probablien couraging him. >> clayton: and i have to imagine a lot of technology has changed over the years since you first started flying, these conversations, i assume were probably interesting. how, when you say to your son,
3:46 am
how have things changed and are these the type of conversations that you have? >> oh, yeah, all the time. when i started flying in them. we actually used the less fuel navigation. >> wow, using stars to actually find your way around. >> that's right. >> that was back in the early '80s and prior to that, we used radar navigation, and a concept called dead reckoning. we didn't have the global position systems on air today that allow the very precision strikes. so it's changed quite a bit. >> clayton: now when you talk to your dad about the technology on board. what do you think? you get to play with the newfangled gadgets and don't have to look at the stars anymore to find my way home. >> we've got a lot of new development for sure and talked about earlier, with the precision weapons and a pod that we can use, laser guided weapons for as well as gps as well, too. changed a little bit from the
3:47 am
gravity weapons we used to. >> clayton: you see the newfangled aircraft come out on a regular of the basis and we hear aircraft are being being phased out and those are 60 years, why do you think it has the same now? >> i think it's probably because of the technology that it's been able to incorporate into the airplane. >> so it adapts? >> it adapts. i think the air force has used it, you know, to keep adapting, putting on the new technology. it's a great platform for delivering a lot of capability, plus it can go a long way. >> how important is it to the history of this country to be able to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the aircraft. people maybe aren't aware of how important the aircraft is. what would you say to them this morning be. >> i would say it's pretty cool. my grandfather played the a to h model and we fly the h model still. so it may only be a
3:48 am
50-year-old aircraft now, but a-model to the 60-year-old one, but it's cool and awesome thing to be a part of. >> clayton: is especially when the kids can go the air show and touch them and see them. and congratulations, it's a great story, celebrating the 60th anniversary. grandpa hope you're watching at home in california. thanks, guys. >> thanks. >> clayton: your service to our country is appreciated. coming up on the show, more than 100 tornados ripping through the midwest overnight. turning deadly in some states. a live report from iowa where one town is nearly entirely destroyed. attack ads can get nasty and one court ruling they're now educational and can run during shows like sesame street. ♪ i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> sesame street, the electric company, political attack ads. >> those three things go together. the u.s. court of appeals from the the 9th circuit in san francisco ruled the political ads can be run on public television. it lifted a sec ban on the ads from public broadcasting, saying that the fcc violated the first amendment on free speech. and radio talk show host neil asbury. and in the national catholic register, jennifer, thank you for being here. >> nice to be here. >> alisyn: okay, the attack ads running on pbs. a meaning they could be on sesame street while your kids
3:53 am
are watching? >> not the at all. as a parent, i'm concerned about this. put my kid in front of sesame street instead of coming back at bc's rant background senator so-and-so's record on health care reform? i don't like it. >> alisyn: that's funny. neil, what do you think about that possibility? >> well, our kids are getting bombarded by sex and drugs and prosecutor miscu prom skew-- promiscuity. they went back to their parents and started asking questions. they're going to inherit the democracy of oust and much smarter. i think they can make it a much better place earlier than we give them credit for. >> alisyn: obviously, when we were young, schoolhouse rock did a great job of showing how a bill you know travels through congress and becomes a law, but, do your kids really
3:54 am
need to see granny pushed off the cliff like one of those attack ads, jennifer? >> no, absolutely not. and i think the key thing is that, you know, there's great schoolhouse rock shows made an effort to be unbiased. these are very biased messages and as parents, that's our job to educate our children about the political arena, not some political attack ads. >> yeah, so, neil, is there too much of an agenda in these attack ads for kids to just really be learning about the pure political process? >> let's remember that there are not the contents, their ads, right? and what our kids need to be exposed to the political process, the good, the bad. and the ugly, and go back to the parents and start asking questions. and you know, i think it's a very positive thing to bring kids into the political process as early as we can, you know, having an educated is essential to a functioning democracy and i think it's wonderful that we would bring
3:55 am
kids into the process sooner rather than later and go back to the parents and look, let them ask the question and yes, they are going to see pretty nasty thing, but i don't think it's worse than the other stuff they see in our media and there's a lot more things hurting our kids that we need to clean up before we get to political ads. >> let me read to you what the judge on the 9th circuit, how he justified the issue. the issue and the political advertisements, no threat of commercialization and the ban of such advertising cannot be narrowly tailored in preventing these. and it sounds like pbs and others are trying to protect against kids seeing commercials, but not political attack ads. is that a good justification? >> i don't think so at all. i mean, the whole idea behind public television was supposed to be immune to the market forces, it's immune for the
3:56 am
chase of dollars and intersent advised to put out the real quality stuff and not competing for the dollars. in addition to to what our kids are seeing, i worry that they'll start ditching the quality children's programming and start doing things that might bring in more campaign dollars. >> we have to leave it there. and what our viewers are saying, you've had a great debate. thanks so much for coming in and talking about this. >> okay. >> all right. coming up, let knives and lighters on board airplanes now. coming to a former tsa chief, why he's calling airport security, a quote, broken mess at the top of the hour. and how much would you sell for a date with tim tebow, the price one couple says he's worth. >> ♪ and i could not ask for more ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, april 15th, i'm alisyn camerota. we start with a fox news alert. there's been devastation in the the heartland after more than 100 prisoners plowed through the mid section of the country, turning deadly. >> we're live in iowa on the ground in a town that was nearly wiped out. >> and another broken promise, remember when president obama said immigration would be a top priority for his administration? now, he's saying he needs a bit more time. and more on that ahead. >> and plus, what would you pay for a date with tim tebow. wait until you hear what one couple ponied up to spend time with the jets backup quarterback. wow. >> "fox & friends," hour two starts right now. >> ♪ >> good sunday morning,
4:01 am
everybody, we start with a fox news alert. the images are horrifying and certainly a tad eerie, look at that. hundreds of violent tornados swept across the midwest in the middle of the night. we now know at least five people, including two small children lost their lives in oklahoma and that number could rise as the sun comes up. >> alisyn: joining us live is our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. he's on the ground in one of the hardest hit grounds, in thurmon, iowa and you said that 75% looks leveled. >> 75% and 90% experiencing damage. i want to quickly talk about the weather going on right now. there's still tornadic activity going on and if you'll throw up the weather maps you can get a look at what's going on. there's still this storm cutting across the central
4:02 am
part of the country and a tornado warning right now just to the north of sul at that, oklahoma and a tornado warning includes osage, washington, tulsa, until 6:50 in the morning, there's still activity going on and as the day heats up again and sunlight comes out. you might see more. as you advance that map, we'll see where the severe threat is today. a slight threat across much of the south and stretching across areas of missouri and texas and hit that advance bar one, and a moderate risk of for severe weather in areas of wisconsin, we have some severe weather threat today, but not as significant as yesterday. yesterday, really, the main event for this. you were talking earlier in the show, alisyn about snow in arizona and that's part of the same system. here we go. the picture is up here, see that red bulls eye to the the
4:03 am
north, that's where the the moderate risk for severe weather it. you still need to be watching this. let's go back to the pictures for the storm yesterday and kansas and oklahoma, seeing, i think, the worst of it, the pictures of tornado amazing. we knew this was going to be a big event and the storm chasers went out in full force yesterday and got amazing pictures and everybody thinks the storm chasers are doing this for fun and a lot of them are. but, especially, now days with social media, great things come out of this because they're able to get warnings out and so quickly to people and i believe that that saves lives. especially when you see tornados like that that you're seeing right there. and this is some of the damage, i'm not sure where the pictures are coming from, and all right. this is, this is from oklahoma, that we're seek this damage, these pictures coming out. so, kind of a widespread event here in thurmon, iowa, they're at school that the roof was blown off and now, kind of scattered all over the place,
4:04 am
and just wood and debris, nails that we see, one of the reasons it's so difficult. in fact, you come over here and take a look right here, one of the boards that flew up. and any piece of woodward that's on any roof, any building, attached by nails and people get out here, trying to look for the keepsakes and their memories and their pictures and their fami family heirlooms and that's what they face. a little bit of sunlight is beginning to come through or light into the horizon, that's a good thing, we'll be able to get some better pictures and people will be able to get back out here and start the things they have to do today, guys. >> alisyn: thank you for walking through it. the rest of the headlines, another fox news alert. and the u.s. and other international allies are now under attack by taliban and other militant forces, fox news confirming that explosions and gunfire here in the u.s., british and german
4:05 am
embassies in kabul and attacks at the u.s. base outside of kabul, inside n.a.t.o. and afghan police headquarters and witnesses say the militants are launching grenades grenades in hotels and foreign neighborhoods where diplomates are known to live. we'll check with geraldo. and search efforts continue for missing boaters off the northern california coast after a deadly crash. this is a video of three crew members being rescued and three were missing. the and when the boat turned around to find them and another wave, conditions of the survivors are not yet known. could this man be the next vice-president of the united states? well, several g.o.p. strategists sure think so. luis fortuno governor of puerto rico called a possible
4:06 am
sleeper pick to run with mitt romney for the white house. and in a recent interview he described fortuno as one of the great leaders of the republican parties and they say it would be a huge draw for the hispanic vote and he said he would do anything to help him win the election. >> that'd shake it up pt. >> would you spend 100,000 to spend the day with tim tebow. >> dave: i love you tebow, but no way. >> alisyn: the answer yes for one married florida couple, the pair won a bid at a live auction during the tim tebow golf classic, and they have big plans for the jets quarterback, they're taking him home with them. hmmm. the couple who have not been identified said they're going to take him to meet underprivileged children near their florida neighborhood and it goes to the tim tebow foundation and he's always meeting kids with special needs and-- >> i'd pay a lot of money to hang out with tim tebow and
4:07 am
don't have that cash. >> and the the kids. >> alisyn: household chores. >> clayton: we have gardening that we need. >> dave: tim would probably need it. that humble. >> clayton: my wife likes pasta and cream sauce, can you whip that up for her tonight. >> dave: i have a question for the viewers and it's, we don't have $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket. if you had a lot of money, who would you pay money to hang out with, a large portion of money to spend a day with? let us know and we'll discuss that at ff weekend on twitter. >> clayton: meanwhile, let's talk to politics this morning, because the president doing an interview and talking about immigration reform, and the president saying something interesting about how long he needs to get this done. and see what you think about it, take a listen. >> i can promise i will try to do it in the first year of my second term and i want to try this year. the challenge we've got on immigration reform is very simple. i've got a majority of democrats and i've got no
4:08 am
republicans prepared to vote for it. >> and that's an interesting turn from where the president was, then candidate obama was just a few years ago. >> right, an interesting turn of a phrase, also. and he emphasized, i promise i can try to do it. now, back in 2008, candidate obama made a much more grandiose promise when he sat down with univision. he said, i will promise, i will push for immigration reform in my very first year of presidency. and he also used the word guarantee, i can guarantee, top priority, i will guarantee to pursue immigration reform and it's obviously the burden of the office, and to be much more circumspect. and let's listen to him in 2008. >> the american people need us to put him in. so the petty partisanship that passes for politics in washington and they need us to enact comprehensive immigration reform, once and
4:09 am
for all. they need not -- we can't wait 20 years from now to do it. we can't wait for ten years from now to do it. we need to do it by the end of my first term as president of the united states of america. i stood in debates during the democratic primary when it wasn't comfortable and spoke out fiercely on behalf of this issue and i will make it a top priority in my first year as president. >> dave: so this is clearly about one issue, immigration. but it's about a broader problem of promising things that obviously you can't keep and about saying, hey, give me more time, give me more time. how long can the american people hang on? and that is something the president addressed three years ago. i think. >> i will be held accountable, you know, i've got four years. >> how quickly that-- >> exactly, a year from now, i think that people are going to see that we're starting to
4:10 am
make some progress, but there's still going to be some pain out there. if i don't have this done in three years there's going to be a one term proposition. >> clayton: talking about the economy and turning over the economy. sure, by all accounts, the story says unemployment not dropping below 8%, no president since fdr elected with those numbers. if you look at approval rating from latinos for president obama, it's a ridiculous number, guys, 49% of average americans, just the national poll, give president obama 49% approval rating for the be job he's doing, but among latinos, that approval rating is 73%. so, there's a lot of ground to be made up from the other candidates. is he able to accomplish comprehensive immigration reform? no president has been able to do it when nixon floated the idea. >> that number suggests that they are giving him a pass, the hispanic community giving a pass on not making the priority. although he says, he tried to
4:11 am
do it. he never crafted the overall immigration. and said let's put it out there and vote for or answers it. >> and we'll see, come election time. and let's talk about something that affects most people in the united states. and that of course is airline travel and airport security. well, the former head of the tsa, from 2005 to 2009 basically says, hey, it is a mess. the disaster, and his name is tim halle. here he is criticizing the security. says more than a decade after 9/11 it's a national embarrassment that our airport security system remains so hopelessly bureaucratic and disconnected from the people whom it's meant to affect. and made air travel an unending nightmare for u.s. passengers. >> if the suggestions how to actually reform the tsa and some of these may surprise you because he says no more banned items. you know, the three, three ounces of liquid, you can't bring on the flight, which is
4:12 am
absurd. and nail files, whatever-- >> dangerous. >> and lighters, even knives could be allowed on planes. >> clayton: the near i behind that the cockpit is so secure and bullet-proof don't have to worry with someone going through a lighter or a knife and go through a bullet protected law. and rewards for initiatives and hold them accountable when they make mistakes. >> can you imagine, hold them accountable? that sounds incredible. eliminate baggage fees, randomize security. that's interesting, one out of every four, whatever, choose randomly, pulled pulled over and the more thorough frisking or more thorough going over. >> but to dave's point earlier. el al airlines, they don't have a random. one out of every four, it's the profiling of the line and looking at individuals who see, not a race, just who looks shifty. >> the problem with that is
4:13 am
israel is the size of new jersey. we have a bigger country. so, you can't could that on the level that el al can. >> who is against arguing that you can. >> alisyn: i love our el al security. yes, but, it's so big. the argument on the other side the united states is so big so many more airports, randomizing it would be a way cut into it. you never know if you're the one pulled over every five or whatever passengers skroo what would you like to see changed about the tsa? i imagine you have thoughts on that. and ff weekend on twitter. >> clayton: the man behind the bombing of the u.s.s. cole gets his day in court. a look back, the commander of the ship tells us what we can learn from it. >> alisyn: plus, a man and his motorcycle, we'll meet the guy who is riding through 250 years of history across america. he'll be here. ♪ wake up!
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> on october 12th, 2000. 11 months before the september 11th terrorist attacks, the u.s.s. cole was refueling in yemen when two al-qaeda suicide bombers sent by osama bin laden drive up alongside the ship in a boat feel of explosives, that day 17 united states sailors were killed and 39 wounded. so what did we learn from that fateful day and what do we still need to learn? joining me now is the man who was the commander of the u.s.s. cole that day in october. and the author of the new book "front burner, al-qaeda's
4:18 am
attack on the u.s.s. cole" thanks for being here. >> good morning, dave, thanks for having me on the show. >> dave: how might history have been different had we learned from the attack on the uss cole, your ship? >> i think it'd been different if we'd had an intelligence community and a military andl s taken a more aggressive approach. we had been living with terrorist attacks overseas for literally decades and yet, we did nothing. when you look back and especially during the clinton administration, when you attacked buildings and embassies, those are things that house and represent u.s. interests. when you attack a war ship it that is something that defends citizens and our economic interests around the globe and when we attacked, it was an act of war and yet, we did nothing and when the bush administration came in, we also just waited and didn't do anything again and i think that that doctrine of waiting until we take the first hit instead of being preempted, is
4:19 am
fundamental how we should fight the war. >> why did we not take it as seriously. >> you yourself. evening the morning of september 11th, you were in the headquarters, in langley, warning people about what this could mean, about osama bin laden and al-qaeda. why weren't these warnings listened to? >> i think we as a nation kind of developed an attitude where we said, hey, it's american overseas at the hands of terrorists, a small price at that we pay for being on the international stage, and i just think that we built up this insulation against those attacks, because it really wasn't affect being people here at home. and unfortunately, it took september 11th to really wake up the american people and the attack on the u.s.s. can cole has been somewhat in the shadow of that attack and my opportunity to get the front runner out there, after ten, 11 years after sitting down at the keyboard and putting it out there. educate the american people and what heroes they are 11 months before 9/11.
4:20 am
>> absolutely, but most of us, sir, take comfort in knowing or at least believing that the united states has learned from that attack at 9/11. and what the one lesson we still have yet to learn? >> i think that the familiarity is breeding contempt. we're ten years, 11 years on now from the 9/11 attacks and we're getting comfortable, we want to again, as you see, lower our guard with tsa has the previous report had, plus, we're looking at lower other things, not as engaged around the world as we need to be. we want to withdraw from afghanistan unilaterally and withdrew from iraq, and that may find good and satisfy a political base and may not be enough national security interest, and incumbent upon husband, since world war ii, we've had an important role on the international stage. and first and foremost we look out for our national interest. >> dave: check out the book, and thanks for your service and thanks for being here.
4:21 am
>> thank you for having me on the show. >> dave: coming up, he's taking a trip across the country to bring you our history. the american ride. ♪ only $79.99 for a lucid by lg ? i can get a smartphone with verizon 4g lte ? it'd be so easy to check facebook, send emails. and the screen is easier to read in sunlight ! the universe is practically telling me to get a smartphone.
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4:24 am
ichltd. >> clayton: >> the power has the power to veto acts of congress and authority to appoint justices to the supreme court. the constitution is the bed rock and the foundation of representative government of a free people. at the very top of all of these articles, james madison had composed a beautiful yet direct preamble. >> for a rising sun. >> clayton: he jumps on his harley and hits the road to
4:25 am
share his passion of american history and herridge. joined by american ride host stan elsworth this morning. >> good morning. >> you're watching yourself on camera. 300 pounds of fun? >> yeah, i'm 300 pounds of fun. you ride your harley around and go to cool place, how do you get that job? >> when you get that you say thank you, i got in the entertainment business about 2000 and quickly learned you need to make work for yourself. i know history. i love riding bikes, how do i marry those two and i came up with the idea for american ride and brigham young university tv. bytv. quality programming to see the good in the world and they figured this show meets what they want to do. >> clayton: and now about 800 different cable providers and you have to have a love of american history to want to travel by bike around the country and see the different spots. so, it must be deep inside of
4:26 am
you to want to go to these locations. >> i've been riding since i was 14 and i do love american history. i want people to realize who we are and what we're about. >> i notice in some of your comments, you think maybe the world has gotten smaller and maybe we've lost some awareness will american history and the kids aren't going to the gettysburg battlefield and might not go to the national park in philadelphia. >> you're right. as the world has gotten smaller, we tend to look at ourselves as one part in a greater whole and my feeling is that the united states of america was established for a purpose by a providence that had a direction. and when we go to some of these places, like gettysburg, like valley forge, when you stand on the inside, at independence hall, you can feel the memory of what happened there. and the greatness of the documents that came out of that place. >> in fact, we were talking about how you even get teary and makes you emotional, a big
4:27 am
tough guy like you. >> there are some things that are very special and when you stand inside of that and you're next to the seat that ben franklin sat in and the desk that john adams passionately argued independence from. and the chair that george washington presided over the continental college. >> clayton: talking about philadelphia, my home city and the fantastic to see in the show, but that was in the first season about the revolutionary war though the second season now you're focusing on a different subject matter. tell us about that. >> when we shot the second season we started actually with the constitution and working through the westward expansion of the united states and the ramp up to the civil war, all the things, you know, the sectional rafflery and the problems that caused the conflict and now out shooting the third season which is the civil war. so we're back down south. my home, riding the battle fields and that's a lot of fun. >> alisyn: real quick, what's the coolest thing you've seen? >> it's hard for me to say
4:28 am
because everywhere is wonderful. i love nashville, new mexico, i love california, i love new york and i don't know, that a lot of people are aware. there's a lot of revolutionary history in new york city, over to the tavern or long island where the battle happened and almost lost the nation. >> clayton: stan and i are talking in into the commercial. >> alisyn: i can see that, a bro-mance here. and american ride, monday nights 9 p.m. on byu-tv. >> clayton: i'm like a giddy school bike. >> you want to see something that looks natural. me on a harley. >> oh. >> dave: that's just a natural fit. >> alisyn: that's wrong. >> all right, looking forward to the show. a nightmare in the heartland, more than 100 tornados tear up
4:29 am
the midwest, we head back to thurmon, iowa, a town almost destroyed by the twisters. a night to look forward to, many are busting budgets just to break down the cost and show off our prom pictures. yikes. ♪ play that funky music [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ]
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4:33 am
>> showing incredible video all morning long. check out the twister through kansas. the at least five people killed by powerful storms in oklahoma and the damage might be be done there, but for now, they're left with the painful process of picking up the pieces. and our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth has been following the story all weekend, and he joins us live from one of the hardest hit towns, that's thurmon, iowa, and rick, now the sun is coming up and we are a getting a better sense of the damage, right? >> yeah, i walked around the town with a little bit of light that we're starting to see. you get a better shot of what he is going on. a lot of damage, you know, there's about 90 buildings in this town and the town is 235 people. and about 90% of the buildings have damage and about 75% destroyed. so, you can see, a the lot of structures, they're not-- it's not the thing that the
4:34 am
place is wiped off the map, but so much damage to a lot of the buildings that they'll have to be taken down before, versus being able to rebuild that. so, i think that's what we'll be talking about here. i tell you what, a very widespread storm, 120 reports of tornados yesterday, and that's from oklahoma, and into kansas and nebraska and iowa, at this point, and so, a lot of areas sustaining damage and what we saw up here across iowa and nebraska we thought would be the bulls eye and the rain cooled the lower level of the atmosphere, that means it didn't heat up to cause the big tornados like the images we saw elsewhere in kansas. take a look at some of the pictures out of kansas, the still pictures sent to me by a storm chaser friend of mine out of kansas, out on tomorrow of the storms and he got the pictures that are phenomenal. this is not one of those, this is a still picture from a trailer park just outside the
4:35 am
wichita area, and that fire started as the tornado went through there. and these are the pictures from jeremy, the storm chaser and take a look how large that tornado is, and these are the kind of ef 3, ef 4, and ef 5 tornados, if there's any good news, there's not a lot of big populated areas across western kansas where the storm started firing so the tornados kind of dodged the towns that were there. now, one of the tornados hit the town like greensburg, kansas, five years ago, wiped off the map and this is the scenario that we saw yesterday and why the warnings were no high. fortunately, it appears that the towns were not hit in that direct fashion. the only caveat i would say to that, guys, a lot of the storms happened after sunset last night and so, the sun is just beginning to rise here, across the eastern side of iowa and not across parts of kansas and such, so we're going to get more information coming. the one town in oklahoma, appears to have sustained the
4:36 am
most damage, woodward, oklahoma and there's five fatalities in that area, including two children, three people killed in the trailer park there. that's why they always say you cannot be in a mobile home with the tornado. unfortunately, the warning system in that town was taken out by lightning before the tornado got there. the warnings did not go off in the town and therefore, people didn't likely have the anticipation that they needed to get out of harm's way. guys. >> so sad. rick, thanks for telling us about it. and the pictures from the storm chaser and i don't remember seeing as big a tornado as seeing the pictures as why, covered much of a swath. so we'll check back with rick throughout the morning. >> now to a developing story overnight. north korea unveiling what appears to be another missile of course, and the nation is facing international backlash from the first launch attempt just a few days ago. >> greg palkot live in pyongyang, north korea and the first time hearing words out of the new leader's mouth,
4:37 am
right, greg. >> reporter: absolutely, north korea might have flopped sending up that rocket a few days ago, but they're very good at homing mass rally, we attended one, take a look. >> no technical flaw here, rows and rows of soldiers marching in a precision parade on the square on the anniversary of the birthday of the north korean founder and the country with dire needs of funds and development. and the focus, where the regime wants it and where the regime can command it. >> and thousands of troops, as well as threatening hardware were on display, well, it seemed looked more like a may day parade out of soviet era russia, there was some kindly news out of it. and the rockets that they rolled out. but we one that locals said they had never seen to us, before. looks pretty hefty and one
4:38 am
told me it could be a new inter-continental ballistic missile. tells the new young leader cave his first public speech. and the kim jong-il hardly ever did anything in public. while he claimed that north was working with the south and the arsenal ten atomic bombs, the era of nuclear threats from other kupts, he said, is forever over. and not giving up any nukes anytime soon. bad news here. >> and greg palkot a look at what the country is doing and the leader saying, also, that his country needs to finish the path to victory. >> dave: they need to choose weapons over food for their people, a good path? >> and meanwhile, your headlines, terror at a supermarket after a car plowed right through the front of a
4:39 am
public blix store in florida, hurting ten people and people say it sounded like an explosion. horrifying scene as shoppers were thrown from the impact and run over. that's when other shoppers and employees jumped into action. >> i attended to an older woman who's husband was under the car and the car went through and took an 80-year-old man, he was under the car. >> they had the managers from every department pick up the car, literally pick up the car and pull it out. >> alisyn: a number of people were seriously injured. a baby thrown into another aisle luckily expected to be okay. the elderly woman driving the car is expect today face charges. so, here is the lowest of the low, you're looking at a man stealing auction items that were supposed to benefit the families of two fallen fives. the coldhearted crime in the basement of a philadelphia bar, while the charity event was going on upstairs.
4:40 am
the firefighters across the country now posting this video on their facebook pages in hopes that someone will recognize the guy and turn him in. and we'll get the guy, that's obvious. and history headed to its final home. the retired shuttle discovery, atop a jumbo jet before the flight to the smith sonya. nasa technicians plan to complete it, but postponed it because of strong winds and it will be tuesday morning, shuttle discovery will replace the enterprise currently on top. >> and putting a shuttle on top of it plane? don't argue at that we're over the weight limit. >> alisyn: don't charge clayton for another big. >> dave: folks, the average you're spending on your children's proms is going through the roof.
4:41 am
just about prom season, a couple of weeks away now, thankfully my kids are too young. many we're up over $1,000 per student that parents in this country are spending, that's up from 800 just a year ago. up $200 in one year. >> clayton: and people are spending on dresses and alterations. and dress 231. tuxedo, 127. >> alisyn: and this is amazing look at the accouterments. >> a corsage. >> big word. >> alisyn: and limb moe, beautifying, that did not happen for my prom. manny and pede. >> dave: and that's an enormous amount and there again, again, 1,078.
4:42 am
>> clayton: it's a smaller world and girls are seeing the celebrities on the red carpet. for them it's the red carpet experience and dress up like jennifer lopez and justin bieber and go to the prom and it's a red carpet moment. >> dave: you spend more in the northeast, guys, more than $2,000 in the northeast. >> alisyn: what? >> now, brace yourself. we want to take a look back at the past proms. now, we set this up by explaining, we didn't spend, i didn't spend nearly as much as a thousand dollars and i think you can sigh he see from our photos that's not the case. >> dave: i probably did. here is my prom photo. you know, i don't know if this was-- >> the lucky girl who got to go with dave briggs, a handsome dave briggs. >> dave: that's kelly, my >> alisyn: oh, fantastic. a thousand dollars tuxedo right there. >> alisyn: clayton. >> oh, my.
4:43 am
wait a second, you superimposed your small head on a larger body? what is happening here? (laughter) >> and i think he has shoulder pads. >> alisyn: are you wearing shoulder pads. >> clayton: i may be, i think in that tuxedo there were. >> dave: your ears have shrunk. >> clayton: it was the hair. looks like a hair piece. >> alisyn: i didn't spend much on my dress as you'll see. (laughter) >> and my prom picture. and it was an amish theme. and my prom. no, the producer couldn't find my pictures, i have it, i'll bring it in next weekend. >> they were looking through the black and white photo folder. let us know on ff weekend. >> send your prom photos, are they as bad as ours. >> alisyn: impossible. >> clayton: coming up on the show, one pastor said mitt
4:44 am
romney's religion was a cult. >> alisyn: and now, we'll explore a broken union still ahead. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at nissan, our ideal is innovation. 5 all-new models over the next 15 months, including a completely reimagined altima. welcome to our most innovative year ever.
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4:47 am
max and i are gonna run out and get some right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter fr. test easy. >> welcome back. everybody, mitt romney's faith has been a sense of tension for evangelical voters. even one called it a theological cult. now with santorum out of the running, he and other evangelicals are changing their tune a bit. >> clayton: the author of "twilight's last gleaming", doctor, welcome to the show. >> thanks and thanks for not showing my prom pictures, appreciate that. >> clayton: we'll save you from that. you don't want at that pain. you have some critics this morning, doctor and we should be fair in explaining their position. you saw you're now expressing political opportunism and
4:48 am
being hypocritical saying at one point that mitt romney was part after cult and christians shouldn't vote for him and now you're changing your tune. >> and i'm not changing my tune and never said that christians should not vote for mitt romney. when i was answering a question of theology, there are vast differences between mormons and christians, but we do share many of the same values, like the sanctity of life and religious freedom. i was on your show in january at the day of the iowa caucus and i said at that point, if mitt romney became the nominee, i would support him. so, there's no inconsistency here at all. >> dave: so you do feel he's not a christian? >> well, i'm saying the same thing that rick warren said last sunday on another network, 75% of usa today cited a poll saying don't believe that mormonism is the same as christianity, but we share many of the same values, i think that christian are
4:49 am
very concerned about this president being the most pro-abortion president in history. it's unprecedented assault against religious liberty and i think those things are going to energize evangelical christians to vote in the fall election. >> clayton: you said in october that evangelical christians should not vote for mitt romney because he's a mormon, there another not a real christian. voters would argue that president obama is a real christian, by that metric why wouldn't you support barack obama. >> again, i never said the quote you attributed to me. there was a spurious article in a magazine that fabricated that quote. i never said don't vote for mitt romney because he's not a christian. but in my book were you so kind to reference, i said given the choice between a christian like barack obama who embraces nonbiblical
4:50 am
principles, and mitt romney, who supports biblical principles. >> do you feel that other evangelicals will come out. the question is enthusiasm. will they get out and vote for him come the fall? >> i believe they will. you know, in 200830 million evangel ales, sat at home and dependent vote. and president obama won by 10 million votes. i think in the last four years, what we've seen, especially what the president has done the last six months, in watching the war against religious celebrity not just talking about the hhs mandate, but talking about last october when he tried to rescind the church exemption and hiring practices, i think it's more evangelical to what the president is doing and i think they will turn out and vote not for partisan reasons, but because he opposes biblical principles. >> we'll see on the fascinating election, always great to see you here on the show and thanks for waking up
4:51 am
with us early this morning. here is the book "twilight's last gleaming", thank you. >> if you think that bowl of cereal is healthier than a twinky, you're wrong. our next guest, foods that are surprisingly unhealthy. >> be careful. ♪ [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create?
4:52 am
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4:54 am
>> listen up everyone before you have breakfast. we have four foods that are thought of being healthy, but more sugar than a twinkie, joining us to the top celebrities and the detox solution, kimberly snyder, great to see you again. >> wonderful to have you here. let me start with yogurt. my co-hosts dave and clayton have a yogurt every morning before the show. yogurts aren't as healthy. >> you focus on the sugar and
4:55 am
fat. but could have 32 grams of sugar. could lead the wrinkles and need to watch the sugar. >> alisyn: hear that, guys. >> there's issues with this much sugar. almond milk, you want it to be creamy and add it with your chicago. >> one of the shocking ones that most people don't know, tomato sauce, the sugar of a twinkie in tomato sauce. >> you think you're goodbye having the red instead of the creamy sauce, half a cup can have 11 or 12 grams of sugar and now 24 grams, a tremendous amount. and what you can do is make your own sauce here and it's easy, use fresh tomatoes and tomato paste and a patch and store it in the fridge, and it's worth avoiding the sugar.
4:56 am
>> jump over here to cereals, we know that the really sugary ones. >> yes. >> alisyn: like the fruit loops have a lot of sugar, but even standard serious have a lot. >> yes, in a study they tested 40 had 11 grams or more in one serving and by the time you get to lunch you've had the the added sugar, the weight gain, high cholesterol and things that can contribute to our lower health. so what you want to do look for the plain cereals, buckwheat, kasha and energy, and complex carbs and energy without the added sugar. >> alisyn: quickly, smoothies, people think they're doing a healthy thing. >> oh, my gosh. >> alisyn: what's-- >> they can have 38 or a hundred gramses of sugar and sweetened milk and going green smoothy, it will have fiber
4:57 am
and min ales. >> you can see find the recipes, kimberly, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in minutes. [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em, with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds, and stops new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control. [ male announcer ] to hold a patent would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well that would me you... the creators of the 2012 mercedes-benz e-class...
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. >> clayton:. good morning, sunday, april 15th, i'm alisyn camerota. deadly tornados tore across parts of the heartland. >> two tornados, two tornados. >> oh, yeah! >> oh, my gosh. >> alisyn: the storm watchers are excited, but folks waking up to the devastation this morning, we're live for one of the hardest hit areas straight ahead. >> dave: and just three weeks after his heart transplant, former vice-president dick cheney with a scathing criticism of president obama. >> i think he has been an unmitigated disaster for the country. >> more from the former vp straight ahead, including his defense of enhanced
5:01 am
interrogation. >> clayton: then the obama administration hailed the stimulus. and why did foreign workers get many of those jobs? "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us this morning, and if you're waking up in the midwest, it's been a rough night. let's get to the top stories, because of the severe weather alert throughout the midwest, there's chilly video coming in from storm watchers all across the country. they got up close and personal with storms like this, and there were hundreds of tornados that were spotted. some of those were deadly. >> yeah, right now we know at least five people were killed in oklahoma including two small kids. joining us live is our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth and he's on the ground at one of the hardest hit towns,
5:02 am
joined by two that were inside when the tornado touched down. >> rick: good morning, 120 reports of tornados across the central plains yesterday. one of those likely not confirmed yet that it was a tornado, but certainly looks like way. and a broad area in iowa. now that the the sun is coming up and see the damage and the trip tops for 150 yards away i would say. i'm joined by dead and karen stafford and we woke you up with our satellite truck outside your house. were you able to spend the night in the house though, so that's a good start. >> yes, we were, yes. >> rick: tell me what was going on yesterday. you knew there was a storm coming, but dead, the at what point did you think this is actually coming right here. >> when i saw the trees blowing down the road. and we went to the bathroom and the only place to take shelter in. >> rick: do you feel you had sufficient warning, you knew
5:03 am
this was coming. >> yes, this were sirens and we knew we were watching the weather. >> rick: and you went into the bathroom, and what were you thinking at that time? >> we're going to get blown away (laughter) >> did you think this might be it, it might be one that's going to destroy everything and could be life threatening. >> well, we've never been in anything like this before. we knew it was bad. we were scared, everybody was scared. >> rick: you said you've lived in this town your whole life and were you born here. and when you then come out of your house before this, and you see it looking like this, what do you think? >> well, i news it was worst storm we've had. i've never seen building damage like this before. we're lucky and i think it could have been a lot worse. >> tell me about your neighbors and such that you know around here? >> well, we have a neighbor that livers down the street and her roof caved in and got her warm. she's okay as far as i know, everyone's fine, but we've had a lot of support from out of town and a lot of people to help us and we appreciate
5:04 am
that. >> it's always amazing how quickly there are crews who get out to the places and do you feel that you've got the support and the crews are doing everything they need today take care of you right away. >> oh, yes, yes, they were here right away and even the national guard is out here. >> now, what do you do this morning? don't have tv and electricity. when you look at this, do you have a place to start? >> yeah, get the chain saws out and get after it. all we can do. >> you guys have been laughing and i think when you go out and nobody died in the town, you can certainly feel good about it. >> yes, everybody's safe. >> rick: that's the case here, not the case in oklahoma where there was five fatalities, but i tell you guys, overall for having 120 tornados and the pictures the size of these tornados across kansas and oklahoma and especially, it's a wonder there weren't more fatalities and certainly, all of the effort and the warnings that have come out, the storm chasers tweeting out that
5:05 am
information, certainly things could have been a lot worse from this outbreak, guys. >> dave: any sense of speed, ef-3, 4, or is that too early? >> it is too early, but this one talking maybe an ef-1, an ef-2, it's a pretty wide area, but i haven't seen any homes leveled or any of that kind of damage. >> alisyn: thanks so much. >> clayton: we'll get back with rick in a little while. some the news we were reporting, former vice-president dick cheney underwent a heart transplant after for a number of years being on the waiting list, up to 18 months with the battery pack whens carrying. now, the first time he's been out on the public stage and doing a speech, not like a small speech, a 20 minute deal. an hour and 15 minutes he was out there in cheyenne, west nile wooim speaking in front of a large audience. take a listen to what the vice-president had to say. >> i can't think of a time
5:06 am
where it's more important becoming president than today with respect to barack obama. i think he mass been an unmitigated disaster to the country. in a position where he gets four more years in the white house, to continue the policies he has, both with respect to the economy and tax policies and defense, and so many other areas would be huge, huge disappointment. >> clayton: the heart is working. >> alisyn: back with a vengeance. and he also talked about mitt romney and he says he believes that mitt romney would do a whale of a job and that the g.o.p. should support him. >> i think it's very important that we get together and gather together and get behind our likely nominee, it's mitt romney. i've known him for long time. i've got a lot of confidence
5:07 am
in him. >> alisyn:. >> dave: and clearly the heart looks and good, better than in recent months and defended enhanced interrogation, the largest applause by far when he said enhanced interrogation, produces a wealth of america and don't let anybody tell you the program didn't work. and that got the cloud created. >> alisyn: i know this is a political story we're talking about, but also a medical miracle story. three weeks ago, a heart transplant and then, a heart transplant. and for a minute, an hour and 15 minutes as you said and walked unassisted, just incredible. >> clayton: he was as we pointed out, critical of president obama and you heard the comment there with he's an unmitigated disaster. there's been criticism over the president's stimulus and whether or not it created jobs or not. and we're getting insight this morning, into two manufacturing plants, where the president and the vice-president, joe biden, showed up and counted these
5:08 am
electrical batteries that the plants were to build and they got 300 million to bring the jobs there and create the batteries. when you pull the curtain back. >> alisyn: in mir, what happened the battery companies, that they hired korean workers. and so, though these were shovel ready jobs with 300 million dollars in stimulus, the money did not all go to american workers. >> dave: right. the battery factories are in large part korean owned and not making the labor bosses happy. one in michigan says, about the hiring of korean workers, i think there's a lot of anger out there, not to be confused with prejudice against anyone from another country, this is american taxpayer dollars and there should be american jobs created with those american taxpayer jobs. now, the korean companies defend that by saying that those workers have unique experience with sophisticated
5:09 am
equipment. look. stimulus dollars, fine, they need to create jobs, but they cannot create jobs for people that don't-- you know, from other countries. that's just pretty simple, we didn't do our homework before dollaring out millions of dollars. >> alisyn: that should be a stipulation. >> dave: there weren't a lot of strings attached. >> alisyn: anyway we'll get to the news and think about the stories. meanwhile, a fox news alert right now. the taliban in washington an assault on u.s. and other international allies in afghanistan at this hour. and fox news is confirming explosions and gunfire still taking place, near the u.s., british and german entities. new video you're seeing. and at an afghan parliament building and n.a.t.o. headquarters and at least one u.s. base. in kabul and three other afghan cities, taliban says they've been planning assault as the spring offensive.
5:10 am
no casualties reported so far and we'll keep you updated on this. critics are calling it a fast track to bankruptcy. a high speed railroad track for a whopping 68 billion dollars. and listen to this, california would only be paying half of the bill, the rest would be covered by the rest of the country's taxpayers. thanks to president obama's subsidized rail program. there are claims of corruption, already. and some say at that the lawmakers are using the rail lines to line their own pockets. a marine's girlfriend gets a price surprise of her life seconds after he returned home to connecticut. lance corporal says he's been waiting for this day for a long time. >> i was surprised for sure. and just like overwhelmed with everything. >> i've had it planned for a while and got the ring probably about four or five months ago. >> alisyn: he spent the last
5:11 am
ten months in afghanistan and had the ring shipped there and got her parent's permission over the phone. >> and new jersey's governor issues a warning, saying we're not an entitlement nation. >> and then we'll have a bunch of people sitting on the couch waiting for the the next government check. >> clayton: a former mrs. field's presidedegrees. why that sense of entitlement is ruining our businesses. >> dave: and she's got one strong arm. a rising star in the softball world just had the game of her life. striking out 34 hitters in a marathon 16 inning game and she pitched them all. she's up next to dry to strikeout a few anchors. >> that shouldn't be difficult. ♪ wake up!
5:12 am
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>> welcome back. and governor chris christie, sounding the alarm on america, saying we've become an entitlement nation. >> when the american people no longer believe this is a place where only their willingness to work hard and as to act with honor and integrity and ingenuity determines their success in life, and then we'll have a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for the next government check. >> dave: our next guest says a sense of entitlement is the single biggest threat today. and the president of mrs. fields cookies, and new mexico and he did not bring cookies and have to find some else with are, is the sense of entitlement worse overnight or gradually creeping in the last couple of decades. i think it's something that's got den
5:16 am
worse and worse the last several generations. we reached a tipping point where people's expectations are just whacked as relates to what they're going to get and what they have to contribute to get it. >> and who, who is the first line of defense here? is it the parents that are responsible for stopping the cycle or more importantly, the government? which is it? >> well, i think it's both. i think it starts with parents and children, and one of the culprits in this is the self-esteem movement and led to believe it's parents, that it's our responsibility to give self-esteem to our kids. >> we do it by trying to give it to them and there's only one you can get self-esteem. you have to earn it. >> you have tips how to stop this cycle and those tips start with, in the business world, teach employees how companies work. >> does that mean everyone across the board or just the top management folks or everyone needs to know how it
5:17 am
works. >> everyone bottom to top needs how they make money, if he they don't understand it, they make mistakes and assumptions and you ask employees, what the profit percent is in their company they'll often say things like 50%, which is nuts. closer to 5% is typical. >> employees need a more broad perspective more macro than micro. >> focus on key performance indicators, how so. >> we send to look at financial statements and most don't understand those. we need to focus on the measurable activities that go on day 0 day. >> such as? >> such as scrapper or labor efficiency and billable time. >> you need to incentivize the organizational results. >> i want to skip forward to the second tips which are raising your children. >> to me, that's so important. you can't let this start early and your first tip is praise work ethic and results and not characteristics, describe that to parents. >> i think we send to focus
5:18 am
because of the self-esteem movement how start our kids are or good looking and we need to focus more on the effort they're giving towards something and results that they get from it, otherwise they get, they get addicted to praise and it's praise that's not based on efforts. >> very important, if a kid does well on a test, if you studied so hard and worked so hard and number two, encourage new and challenging things. econom academically primarily? >> no, life is so full of opportunities and so many things we can do and people shouldn't grow up afraid of trying new things. only way we get good at it, we need to try things. go do. >> dave: it's okay to fail. familiarity breeds contempt in this case. and it only comes from practice and athletically,
5:19 am
something, not that you're a great baseball player, but you practiced hard. why is that important? . the only way we achieve excellence is doing it again and again and again, and one of my favorite phrases, practice makes the unnatural natural. >> dave: thanks for being here. they've got no shame when it comes to spending your money. the gsa wasting hundreds of thousands on a vegas trip. and is this the beginning of the scandal. a former gsa administrator weighing in next and clayton has some gadgets. ways to spring clean your gadgets, your technical world, right, clayton? clean your digital life. i'll show you more details. >> dave: nerd alert next. ♪
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> last week we showed you the best gadgets for spring cleaning your home and this we focus on the best gadgets to clean up your computer and your digital life. >> maybe more so, cords everywhere and your files all over the place and millions of americans this year will lose their photos and their documents. they don't back up. only 7% of americans back up. but i finally do. >> you finally do. >> let's start with this, i love this. you make all of the these cords all over the house and a way to get rid of the bulky things you plug into the way and use usb. you know the apple gadgets and phones that come with the usb
5:24 am
plug, you plug it into the wall socket. >> i can't believe i understand this. number one, the first unbelievable part this have and we've been waiting for that. >> it's clean and it's the-- >> great. >> brilliant idea for the socket. >> and backing up, you talked about it's so important because you can lose everything. >> and apple makes it so easy and automatic with the time capsule. if you don't have to worry about the setup and process, they have two and three terra byte drives. set the backup and makes a mirror of uncomputer. if your computer crashes, doesn't matter you've got it on the hard drive and wi-fi router. you don't need two separate devices. >> dave: automatically. >> clayton: these are network solutions, this plugs into your home router so you could be on your laptop downstairs and back up multiple drives, it doesn't matter you've got
5:25 am
other drives in there. pop different drives in top of it. if any of them are dead. it doesn't matter, it switches them out. pop in a new drive. that simple. >> this one we're not understanding. >> alisyn: you lost at me router. >> i can access my desk type if i'm upstairs. >> this is a hundred from your family. your daughter can be on the top lap and sharing the hard drive. my book duo, from western digital. same solution and sea gate has great network you solutions. share files and photos and out with ipad and iphone and log in remotely. >> there you go. >> clayton: and it's on the drives. you can be out on a bus trip, log in and watch these. >> you need your family photos and don't have them. you can access. >> you needed that prom photo for the show. >> alisyn: yes. >> clayton: if you had one of these you could have logged on
5:26 am
your phone and got that photo and given it to our producer. >> alisyn: luckily an astute viewer had it. >> dave: carbonite. >> clayton: these are for the home, a fire, flood, damages it, carbonite is off site off in the clouds. backs your wireless over the clouds and pay per computer, per year. we're seeing the tornados. >> dave: you sewed me this, everyone has 20 phones burning up drawers and you can get money for them. >> clayton: will get red of the used electronics in the home and pay you cash for it. >> alisyn: what. >> clayton: a pay pal payment. >> you the get 50 bucks. >> you type in what device, and give you a quote and pay you within a few days and e-mail you every step of the way and let's say you send off your oh, my god, i need that
5:27 am
phone back, you e-mail them. >> alisyn: i'm excited, they don't have to use them as toys anymore, i can make some money. >> clayton: if you missed any of these. go to and the full-time segment with the details. >> alisyn: our resident nerd pays off once again. >> dave: coming up, a night of deadly twisters. we head back to iowa, a town nearly completely devastated by mother nature's wrath. >> alisyn: remember the paul ryan look alike throwing granny off the train. and one wonders whether this can run during sesame street? ? what you want your kids watching? there he is, poised to discover plum amazins,
5:28 am
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so i test... lot. do you test with this? freestyle lite test strips? i don't see... beep! wow! that didn't take much blood.
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5:32 am
just came out and found gary gladwin out here, trying to go through this. and make some sense of it. right here, (inaudible) right inside here? >> that's correct. >> rick:en tell me about this car right here? >> it's a 37 chevy kind of a rare one, that's got the spare tire on the back and most had it inside the trunk, so-- >> you collect a few old cars and few in front of the garage and this one you had protected. >> yeah, i thought. >> and you live just a couple of doors down here and you were inside the home when the tornado hit? >> yeah, yeah, we moved off the porch in around the clock set into the bedroom when it hit. >> what did you think? what did it feel like. >> like someone going around with a hammer knocking the windows out. bing, bing, bing, it happened that fast. >> rick: you've got a big mess here. any idea what you do now.
5:33 am
>> no. start picking up a piece at a time. >> rick: you've lived in this town you say your entire life. have you seen anything like this? >> not quite this bad, yeah. >> rick: all right. and people around town, have you talked with people, a small town like this i'm sure you know everybody in town. and everybody okay? >> as far as i know, nobody got hurt, you know? and some got it worse than others, but, yeah, really, we came out pretty lucky. >> all right. geri, good luck to you, you've got a mess on your hands. >> a roof on my house, not a good one. >> rick: you have a roof and everybody is safe, always the great story. guys, an amazing example, here, as you were just saying of the work of cleaning up that's after this tornado or all of these tornados, this is certainly one of the cases here in thurman, iowa. >> alisyn: awful. thank you rick for the pictures. thank you. >> dave: we're learning of more than a dozen secret
5:34 am
service agents sent to colombia to protect the president. and peter doocy with the latest and new involvement and the military as well. >> reporter: good morning, 11 secret service agents are now on administrative leave and came up to d.c. and interviewed at headquarters and now learned that five u.s. military personnel are stuck in colombia, we're told they violated curfew at the same hotel where the recalled se sand that this is a quote, the personnel are currently in colombia, but confined to quarters and under orders not to have contact with other individuals and they will return to the united states with the rest of the support con contint contingency and in cartajena, and they were arguing and the prostitute, and whether or not the agent knew the woman was
5:35 am
expecting to be paid and the hoe he tell wanted to know why they weren't getting extra cash for the extra guest and despite all of this. the white house says the president still feels safe. >> the president has had -- does have confidence in the secret service, and i think the service has said and i would point you to the reports that this incident had no impact on the president's security. >> it's important to point out the none of the agents were personally assigned to the president's detail, but it's clearly still an issue, so the chairman of the house homeland security issue here in the states, rather, homeland security committee says that hearings are going to be coming down the road. >> and i'm going to have my staff do a preliminary investigation and a hearing, and one way or the other we'll find out exactly what happened. why it happened and what action was taken and what's going to be done to ensure that it can't happen again. >> and the secret service says they regret any distraction
5:36 am
from the summit of the americas that the situation has caused. >> clayton: thanks, peter doocy, the scandal, the dui and shooting death and a long line of things going on with the secret service you don't usually hear a lot from. >> alisyn: no, notoriously secret, literally. and in syria, neighborhoods and homes are shelled once again. officials say three more people were killed in the continuing plan going into effect last week, just before the u.n. observers are set to arrive in damascus, and maintaining a cease-fire deal. the tea party is alive in wisconsin.
5:37 am
>> this is growing faster than your weeds, in the end we all share a common purpose. fiscal sanity back to washington. >> alisyn: hundreds of tea partiers turning out for a tax day rally outside the capital in madison yesterday. the state's lieutenant government was also there, among other things, she called for people to reject the union leaders attempt to recall the state's governor, scott walker, and you'll remember he limited collective bargaining rights for public workers last year in an attempt to bridge the state's gaping budget gap. the lt. governor will be joining us tomorrow on "fox & friends" with more on that. so, he lost both his legs, while fighting for our country in iraq. but the army sergeant isn't letting that slow him down. he completed a bike ride from orlando to tampa, building homes for heroes, and dedicated to building houses for the military vets.
5:38 am
as you can see, he used a special hand pedal device for the mission and plans to do a similar bike ride in the future. hope you like partisanship for your puppets. know r now allowing public radio station allowing attack ads and they could see one. and radio talk show host neil asbury and blogger for the catholic regular star. joined us for a fair and balanced debate on the topic. >> i think the key thing the great schoolhouse rock shows they made an effort to be unbiased, but these are biased messages and as parents that's our job to educate our children with the political arena not some political attack ads. >> i think it's a very positive thing to bring kids into the political process, as early as we can, you know, having an educated electorate is essential.
5:39 am
>> and they had banned it for years, but the appeals court ruled that was a violation of free speech. those are your headlines, let's go over. >> that's right that's why we're here. if tax season has got ten you down, we're going to make fun cocktails to help ease tax week. >> joining us is the mixologist, it's a difficult time of the year and people writing the check and don't want to think about it, you need a fresher cocktail. and start with the income tax cocktail. >> classic from the 1920's, a pre prohibition and people are paying a lot for taxes it wasn't a prohibition. >> this is nothing new. >> gin from london. >> clayton: now you're talking. >> and vermouth, three
5:40 am
quarters ounce dry vermouth. >> equal portions. >> and winston churchill used to throw out the vermouth. you put it all in there. >> and vermouth is making a comeback. they equate it with being cheap and not very good. they have better vermouth. if you spend about more you'll get quality. and bitters. oj. quarter of a fresh sweet orange and shake it on ice. >> and garnish with an orange. as you shake that, we'll talk about the next one, the syntax. >> they're not all ingredient you might have at home, but this one nonetheless delicious. >> this one i created. it's kind of more of an exotic ingredients and we've got brandy from peru, and this is a premium brandy. and really, really nice stuff. really, really clean, and ounce and a half of this. and a little more exotic.
5:41 am
and this goes --. >> what is this? >> st. germane is an outer flower liqueur. 3/4 of an oust of that and basil. >> i'm going to shake that up. >> and that will muddle it in. >> and shake it. >> and what do you want to do with bass sill or mint, shake it, you want it double strain it. >> and over here, we don't need to do the mixing here. almost out of town. >> and w-2 blues. >> it's shop makers, serves two people and both of you guys have a taste of this, it's great. >> and added bourbon as well. and stir this up. >> our anchors drink during
5:42 am
the commercial break? >> when the show is over. >> later on this afternoon. >> i've got it. >> and add a touch of tobasco and it looks like perfume, but it's not. >> about 120 proof. and long wood. fennel, a couple of drops in that. >> dave: mention your restaurant mason, in tampa. >> clayton: if you want the recipes, go to and full segment and recipes that ali will visit later. >> at the convention i'll be down there in august. >> we'll be there. >> political cocktails there, ali what's coming up. >> cheers. >> alisyn: next, got no shame when it comes to spending your money. gsa wasting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on the vegas conference. could this be the beginning of the scandal? an administrator is going to weigh in on that. and she's got one strong arm,
5:43 am
a rising star in the softball world and had the game of her liven striking out 34 hitters, in the marathon 16 inning game and she's here showing the guys her moves. ♪ wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
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5:46 am
learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> ever heard of the jackass awards? well, we're not talking about these guys. ♪ >> it's similar, but we're talking about these guys. >> they're the gsa workers who apparently have no shame when it comes to wasting your money. the latest shocking revelation is that they came up with an
5:47 am
awards show that rules on spending limits and taxpayers would foot the bill at dinners for conferences and one was the quote jackass award. and she's a former administrator, and what's going on lever there, the impunity they were squandering money and flaunting it with the jackass awards. >> it's really gone beyond what you imagine. the the roles are there. these were legitimate awards ceremonies they would sit there and use it so they could finance dinner at the conference and finance the whole conference should be be jackass awards and goes to government spending, i think the bigger thing here is you have money from -- that it's pumped into gsa and they were just told spend it, spend it. nothing good comes with that. >> you were the former gsa
5:48 am
administrator for your-- what was the culture then? did you see, when did it start, this sort of reckless spending? >> i don't know when it started. under bush, i was up here in the northeast region and it really, gsa was about having value and saving money and helping agencies to use dollars as efficiently as possible. did you not-- you see saw the awards once a year, they weren't lavish conferences in las vegas, i mean, that's ridiculous. >> alisyn: and what you expect, and meanwhile, tomorrow, congress is holding hearings on this to try to get to the the bottom of it. however, one of the leaders who apparently authorized some of this, has decided, at least as reported, to use his right against self-incrimination, in other words, he won't testify.
5:49 am
what will congress be able to get to the bottom of? >> mopefully they will. the inspector general will be there and probably the most enlightening information about what's going on there. and neil, as you said, is taking his fifth amendment right and not speaking and asked actually to not come. i love it at this point they said it wouldn't be efficient for our client to come all the way out for california. when has unnecessary been a problem for him? he doesn't want to come out to d.c. he's got four hearings coming up in the next week, two in the house and two in the senate and really, trying to get to the bottom of this and find out what, hopefully under the management and leadership of neily in one region and-- >> you pointed out the rich irony on so many levels. >> thanks so much. >> alisyn: thank you for coming in on this subject. democratic strategist comments creating the so-called mommy wars.
5:50 am
will the political firestorm go away or could it mean trouble for the president? we'll ask ann coulter, she has thoughts on this coming up. she's a high school softball pitcher with a heck of an arm and had the game of her life and give dave a few pointers. this isn't going to go well for dave. ♪ my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, and chantix worked for me. while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking. it reduthe urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking orood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reactioto it.
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5:53 am
>> welcome back, everybody, our next guest has been pitching since she was eight years old and adrian gabrielle struck out 34 batters and pitched all 16 innings of a marathon game and she's perhaps the next jennie finch.
5:54 am
>> clayton: she joins us to talk about that game. what would you feeling as you went through eight strikeouts, 10, 12, what do you think. >> it was going so long and i didn't know what was going on and the adrenalin took over and the other pitcher. motivated me to keep in the game. >> dave: you weren't aware of how many batters he struck out. what point did you realize you were historically. >> not until i was getting on the bus and focusing on three outs, there were so many innings on and keeping my team in the game. >> dave: is your arm sore, 16 inches. >> i didn't notice my arm hurt, but the next morning it did, yeah. >> dave: other girls getting ready softball training how did you manage-- >> and you struck out dave. before we came to you. you've got some juice on your throw. >> i had seven different
5:55 am
pitches a going through 16 inches i was unpredictable and off balance. >> dave: go easy on me. you were on the junior national team and two time ohio player of year. it used to be every girl's goal to play for a gold medal and you can't it's not part of the olympics and neither is baseball. >> it's upsetting and it's been my goal and to watch my role models be able to do it and i wanted to could the same thing. >> dave: you met anyy finch, a gold medal. >> clayton: and and on the team and on "fox & friends" able to strike out dave. you're going to line up and see if we can strike dave out, shouldn't be an issue. >> dave: no, she brings the heater, a nasty change-up, a riser, and told me to stay off the plate, she doesn't want to hit me. >> oh! >> oh. >> okay. >> and this is the first live
5:56 am
pitching i think in about-- >> strike one. >> in 15 years. >> strike two. >> and another one. >> all right. >> and i'm up next and see if we can do it this. >> oh! >> oh! >> all right. give me that bat. >> change-up just killed me! >> all right, we only have time for one swing. >> staying out of the strike zone? that was in the the strike zone. >> i didn't see that one. >> alisyn, i think i got this. >> stay out of the zone. >> the sun got in my eyes. >> oh! >> whew. >> strike two. >> ali. >> not even close. >> not doing so well. >> and coming up we'll tell you about a catholic group that's releasing a catholic group urging all to cast votes in november in order to help shape our future.
5:57 am
will the powerful imagery work to get you to the polls? we'll discuss that. and "saturday night live" had fun with the candidates past and present. we'll show you this straight ahead. ♪ sundays, april 15.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
a "fox news alert," hundreds of terrifying twisters have been ripping across the nation's har land. folks waking up to complete devastation and a threat for more severe forms remain, live in one of the hardest hit areas for you, straight ahead. >> dave: another "fox news alert," this morning, the taliban launching a full-blown assault on the u.s. and its international allies, in afghanistan. explosions and gunfire closed the u.s. and british embassies in that region. geraldo rivera is there on the ground in kabul with a live report, straight ahead. >> clayton: and, dick cheney speaking out, three weeks after getting a new heart. and he's already using it to go
6:01 am
after president obama. >> i think he has been unmitigated disaster for the country. >> clayton: not mincing words. the former vice president we'll hear more from him, coming up, "fox & friends," hour four, "fox & friends," hour four, starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us, we have a lot of breaking news for you this morning. and we begin, this hour, with a "fox news alert." because, we want to show you this brand new video, from woodward, oklahoma. showing the horrific destruction, left behind after last night's deadly twisters. you can see, there, homes have become huge piles of rubble. wild weather responsible for the tragic death of at least 5 people there, two of them children, we're told. >> clayton: and we are beginning to assess what happened an rick
6:02 am
has been in the dark in thurman, iowa, another hard-hit area there. rick, what are you hearing from emergency workers there, this morning? >> rick: amazing how quickly they get here, clayton. it is such a great point, what you can see behind me is that the electric workers are out here replacing the poles and getting electric and power brought back into the town. they start that process, immediately. within 30 minutes, to an hour of the storm coming through, and, they wasn't working all night. power is not yet back on, but, they are doing everything they need to do, and another thing that happens every time one of those storms happens is twlekhe cross is on immediately. you are from the red cross office here from omaha. what time did you get here? >> alisyn: we've been on the scene and working through the night and set up a shelterer in a nearby community there and we have been providing service since 9:00 p.m. and we are here.
6:03 am
>> rick: in this community what do you see that -- the needs of the people at this point? >> people are looking around, they wanted to get a feel... there was a cure few last night and they want to see what is going on, what you always need, food, clothing comfort, shelter and care. >> rick: and our great viewers are there, and want to help, what is the best way to provide assistance. >> go to whatever organization they feel close today and hopefully one of them is the red cross and go to red and make an on-line contribution and get your preparedness facts, the storm season is not over, all over your viewing area, more storms are coming today, people need to get ready an reach out and help each other, that is great. >> rick: well said. parts of iowa, eastern side of iowa under a risk for severe weather today. and, the worst of it was yesterday but it's not over. we'll see more severe weather today across much of the areas from texas through arkansas, missouri into iowa and there is a bull's-eye of moderate risk across eastern iowa and into
6:04 am
wisconsin again today. the threat for more severe weather in addition to everything we have seen, from oklahoma, kansas, nebraska, and, iowa, already, over the last 24 hours. guys? >> alisyn: they need a break. thanks. >> dave: rick told us earlier in oklahoma one of the towns had the lightning knock out the siren system though they were warned several hours in advance as tornadoes approached they did not get the advanced warnings. >> alisyn: woodward. >> clayton: let's turn our attention to vice president dick cheney, whom you will recall, a few short weeks ago, had a heart transplant. of course it was reported that it went very well and he was responding to treatment and we saw a photo his family tweeted out as he came home from the hospital. who knew, this soon after going through a heart transplant we'd be giving an hour-and-a-half speech in front of a group of individuals on a large stage in cheyenne, wyoming. she still has his feistiness.
6:05 am
let's listen. >> i can't think of the time when i felt it was more important for us to defeat an incumbent today, and today with respect to barack obama, he has been an unmitigated disaster for the country to be in a position where he gets four more years in the white house to continue the policies he has, both with respect to the economy and tax policy and defense and so many other areas, would be a huge, huge disappointment. >> alisyn: he also went onto talk about mitt romney, the presumptive nominee, and how he thinks that it is time for the g.o.p. now to rally behind him. >> i think it is very important that we get together and gather together and get behind our likely nominee. it is mitt romney. i have known him for a long time. i have got a lot of confidence in him.
6:06 am
>> dave: he also had a strong defense of enhanced interrogation, to which large applause from that wyoming crowd and he said they did in fact work and the people seemed to agree with him. >> clayton: speaking about what we showed you off the top of the show, suicide attacks and we are learning now, "fox news alert," the taliban launching a full-blown assault on u.s. and other international allies this morning in afghanistan. at this hour, geraldo rivera was inside the u.s. embassy in kabul where the attacks were underway. >> dave: he joins us live. we understand you were interviewing a u.s. ambassador to afghanistan at the time. and he said it will have no impact on our withdrawal there. and we are happy to hear you are safe. >> reporter: well, david, clayton and alisyn, i was indeed inside the u.s. embassy and it was frustrating. we heard a boom, the first of the incoming and it was some distance away and i wasn't sure what it was, we walked into the
6:07 am
embassy and it started in earnest and they locked the whole place down and it was frustrating for me, i was inside the embassy, waiting to interview ryan crocker as the attack was happening, my brother and the cameraman were outside, and craig got to the scene where the attacks were taking place and here is some of craig's video. >> heard a sharp crack of machine gunfire. another explosion, just occurred. a number of afghan soldiers and police have moved into the area. it is not in one area. it is actually, surrounding this area, we're by the british embassy now. the... >> reporter: and am badge crocker then -- ambassador crocker then called us aside and
6:08 am
gave me this world exclusive interview about the attack, here is the u.s. ambassador, to afghanistan, ryan crocker. >> more excitement than we all bargained for when we scheduled this interview, ambassador. >> we wouldn't want... yes. >> what do we have. >> a confused situation, these things are, but there appear to be multiple sources of attack, one southeast of here, we know of, newe have seen fire and several attacks in several of the provinces. again, in the smoke, dust, fog and confusion of this kind of war, it will take a while to sort all of this out. i'm in touch with my friend and battle buddy, general allen and all of our folks are accounted
6:09 am
for and safe. really don't know what is going on around town but, we have seen the afghan security forces are responding to this, as they did in other attacks and seem to have it under control. >> reporter: i'm here with our bureau chief, right now, he's holding down the fort here, and craig, what did you hear, down there? >> gunfire. our neighborhood is a short distance from the u.s. embassy and talking about a thousand feet or so and the moment the sound of gunfire broke out it brought my memory to september when the u.s. embassy was attacked. >> reporter: the last significant attack in kabul. >> and the explosion started and i thought it was rpgs to begin with and, suicide bombs and car bo bombs. >> reporter: and you metro detroit multiple explosions and
6:10 am
it seems to me the explosions were all around you. >> they were and i heard them and saw them. we can see the reports, we saw the smoke coming up. the -- it looked like it was -- that the attackers had taken position in some buildings, unoccupied buildings and, also a hotel in the downtown area, firing, looked like, rpgs almost, you heard two retorts, a bomb and another bomb and you saw the smoke rising and they were targeting the embassy area. the british embassy is there, the german embassy, the american embassy and we see the plumes of smoke coming up from there. and, it was quite a sight. >> reporter: now, follow me, if you go, right past that flag, go to that radio tower, that was the scene of the attack. that is where the attack was centered, it seems to me, at least the attack here in kabul. bear in mind, dave, clayton and alisyn, there are reports of attacks in jalalabad, a city to the east of here and other places around the country.
6:11 am
clearly, this was a multiple attack by the taliban, perhaps, but i must tell you that despite a claim of responsibility by the taliban, the ambassador, ryan crocker, said this has all the hallmarks of the hawwani criminal network based on the other side of the border in pakistan, they are trying to disrupt the handover of power from the united states, and, nato forces, to the afghans. now, it is the afghans who control security here in kabul and the taliban or the hawwani network are enemies trying to disrupt the ps proce-- peace pr and we have heard sporadic fire as soon as five minutes ago and we'll update you with any more information and no american or western casualties as far as we can tell. >> clayton: a coordinated attack by whomever is behind this, geraldo rivera live for us in
6:12 am
kabul, afghanistan. unbelievable story. >> dave: and fascinating tweets, follow him on twitter, throughout the entire process he's updating us on what is happening. >> alisyn: dramatic developments there. a democratic strategist's comment sparks the mommy war, you remember. will the political firestorm this week go away or could it mean long lasting trouble for president obama, ann coulter has thoughts on this and is here to weigh in live. hi, ann. >> clayton: and what high schoolers look forward to each year, the prom and now many are busting their budgets to go. we'll break down the cost and show off some of our prom pictures, we'll see if ann coulter will show us her prom picture. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance
6:13 am
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>> alisyn: the so-called war on women hit a fever pitch last week when democratic strategist hillary rosen said ann romney never worked a day in her life, though rosen has since apologized will the comments be a liability for the president? ann coulter joins us now. good morning, ann. >> good morning. >> alisyn: president obama seemed to suggest this is a distraction and they are ready to move on and the country is more interested in the economy and jobs and, the country is more interested in the economy and jobs, to be fair, but it's an issue and if you based it upon the reaction it had on cable news, on network news, on social media, around dining rooms, you know, in people's homes, this is a big, hot issue. >> yes. and it should be. it feeds into the feminist base of the democratic party looking down their noses at women who stay home and raise their children and also i think it is
6:17 am
directly from the white house and hillary rosen bumbled it, and, attacking mitt romney and his family for being wealthy. based on an insanely false premise you must be poor yourself to understand -- at that point, running for president, apparently. when conservatives criticized obama, and his team as being elitist in 2008, liberals went around saying i think we should have an elite president and shouldn't our president be more elite and we meant it not as good, but air begrrogant and th you know better than we do and now we have a man, who -- this idea he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, a standard attack from left on republicans and hillary rosen blew it.
6:18 am
>> clayton: at issue is the gender gap, certainly why the mitt romney campaign does not want it to go away and certainly why the obama administration wants to go away, the -- barack obama has a big advantage when it comes to women voters now and among independents has a higher advantage than mitt romney. at issue is the disconnect. inability for the g.o.p. to woo women voters and governor mike huckabee talked about how republicans had a difficult time connecting with women. does it help and what does the g.o.p. need to do to connect with women going into the fall? >> i loved how the obama administration, after lovingly -- the entire media, going through the whole rush limbaugh, calling the woman a slut for three weeks, covered like this moon landing and now, five minutes after their -- more of a spokesman for obama than rush limbaugh is for mitt romney, says this about women who stay home and raise their own children, five seconds into that, yes, let's move on now,
6:19 am
let's move on. no, this is how the democratic party thinks of women, unless they are career women and have foreign nan is, often illegal foreign nannies raising their children and remember the trouble bill clinton had with his attorney generals, one after another, kept being withdrawn because they hired illegal aliens to raise their kids and joe biden -- i love him, we loved him in the clinton white house and goes to the clinton white house and has to explain to all the feminists in the democratic party, no, in many parts of the country, women raise their own children. they aren't hiring help, to do that for them. so, there really -- this does describe a cultural difference between the parties, and, it was a wedge that the obama campaign was planning on using against the romneys and romney, gave away the money he inherited from
6:20 am
his father. >> dave: and you mentioned joe biden. give me one name you'd like to see as mitt romney's vice president. >> chris christie. >> dave: you think he'll accept? >> sure. yeah. it will be a winning ticket. i'm looking very optimistic about our ticket this fall. >> alisyn: thanks so much. great to see you. >> dave: good to see you, ann. >> clayton: coming up, catholics are releasing a video urging all catholics to cast their vote this november in order to help shape our future. will the powerful imagery work to get them to the polls? we'll explore it next with father john. >> alisyn: how much would you shell out for a day with tim tebow. the price one couple says he's worth. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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6:24 am
>> clayton: welcome back. quick headlines now for you. talk about a close call for one connecticut politician, state representative bill wadsworth was piloting a helicopter and it crash-landed into a wooded area in farmington. amazingly, he and his female passenger were not seriously injured. a married couple gets to spend a day with tim tebow, it cost a measly $100,000. they won a bid during a live auction at the tim tebow golf classic and they say they plan to take him to the under privileged children near their florida keys neighborhood. my question was, what else will they get out of him, gardening, yard work.
6:25 am
>> dave: autographed jersey. father jonathan morris was out bid at $90,000. first, catholics releasing an election ad on their web site that is rocking the internet. right now. listen: ♪ >> dave: this powerful imagery, gather people to vote this november. >> alisyn: joining us now is fox news contributor father jonathan morris. orchestral music and powerful words on the screen. will it be effective in
6:26 am
motivating people to vote. >> it is well done and just to give a summary of what it says, it talks about, you picked it up a little from the clip, there are some elements of the debate that we are having about what is important for our country, that are negotiable. in other words, there can be prudential decisions, what is the best way to run the economy, to get jobs, et cetera, et cetera, right? and then they say, it came up clearly, other issues are nonnegotiable. not negotiable, those are life, marriage and religious liberty and there is a quote from cardinal timothy dolan that, very clearly states, the situation we're in right now. now, to be clear, cardinal dolan was not involved in the video but they quoted him and, what we are going to be seeing i think in these coming months, are lay people responding to the bishop's cry to get involved. and to fight back where religious liberty, in particular, is under attack, and they just put out a document on thursday, that shows not only
6:27 am
the hhs mandate, situation, but, 7 different areas in which religious liberty is under attack in our country and they are saying, leading up to july 4th, there will be a fortnight for freedom, two weeks in preparation for july 4th, in which lay people are called to fight back and protect not only religious liberty but, to protect our constitution. this is unprecedented. >> clayton: the video is not done by bishops, and more powerful because it's not done by the bishops. >> and i don't think lay people should ask permission from the bishops or priests to do these things, take the principle and do what you are supposed to do as laity to influence kol picks and the workforce. >> alisyn: what are they calling them to do. >> in two weeks, they are calling for prayer for our country and two weeks of prayer that is also, obviously, protest
6:28 am
against what the bishops consider to be violations of religious freedom. >> dave: effective because we're sick of negative ads, it pulls what is inside of you. not talking about all of these other candidates and their pasts, compelling stuff. thank you. >> i was not involved in the making of this video, in any way. >> clayton: more than 100 tornadoes, turning deadly into the heartland. we're going to go back to iowa to a town nearly wiped out by mother nature. >> alisyn: and high school seniors busting their budgets to go to the prom. we're showing your thoughts, on how large it has become, and, your pictures, from twitter. disturbing... thank you. [ male announcer ] at home, you play a lot of roles.
6:29 am
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6:32 am
>> alisyn: "fox news alert" for you now, because we have been showing you these incredible images all morning long, this is across the midwest. the death toll, from last night's violent tornadoes, stands at 5. the victims all from oklahoma, two of them children.
6:33 am
>> dave: our chief mino meteorologist, rick reichmuth, joins us from thurman, iowa, one of the hardest-hit areas. >> rick: there's a lot going on and people are getting out and looking at their property and belongings and we're hearing stories, including -- we came across mason and gracie. and you guys they're mayor's kids of the town, right? >> we are. >> rick: we wonder and hear the tornado warnings went off and gave people warnings and this is because your dad went and turned it on? how does it happen. >> i received a phone call at about 5:40, that we were in tornado warning and i told dad and he turned on the sirens and they lasted three minutes and he had to do it manually, it's not always the easiest job. >> rick: your family lives here, grandparents, great grandparents and cousins and tell me about this guy. >> he is copper. my aunt's dog.
6:34 am
and he was tied to a shed that is no longer there, while it was going on and as i looked around and, he was in the rubble, trapped under boards and, he's doing well. >> rick: he likes the camera. gracie, tell me, you were born in this town, what does it looks like when you come out here now and see it like this. >> it looks like a horror movie or war has come through here, and took down our town. >> rick: and are your friends okay? have you talk with everybody? >> yeah, they are all okay. >> rick: it has to be quite alarming to see this? >> it is surreal. i am -- i have never seen anything like this and hopefully never will again. >> rick: you lived here your whole life. have you had stormed like this come through. >> big ones, nothing, nothing like this, though. >> rick: your dad did a great job and he was taking the ambulance out and helping people going door-to-door? >> yes, shortly after it hit, we had all the rescue and crews from numerous towns around here.
6:35 am
forming search and rescue operations, door-to-door. >> rick: and everybody is fine. >> everybody is fine. a few minor scratches and bruises. nothing big. >> rick: the great knew. all right, that's the case here, guys, so many tornadoes that happened yesterday, 121 reports of tornadoes, in one day across the plains, and there is more ongoing today. across areas of texas. all the way up towards wisconsin. [no audio]. >> alisyn: obviously, there are still strong winds and weather through that area. >> clayton: thanks, we'll get back to him in a while. >> alisyn: your headlines, there is still no word on any more survivors after that boat ran aground off the northern california coast. this is video, three crewmembers being rescued. one person was killed and the coast guard continues to search for four missing boaters. officials say the sailboat was hit by a large wave, washing people overboard and it happened during a yacht race and they say when the boat turned around to find those people overboard, it
6:36 am
was pounded by another wave and conditions of the survivors are also not yet known. treasury secretary tim geithner offers a somewhat positive assessment about the economy on "meet the press." >> what hurt us in 2010 and 2011 was the crisis in europe. the crisis in japan. and, more of the oil price shock. but, as fears of those things receded a bit the economy is strengthening again, that is good but we have a long way to go and a lot of challenges ahead. >> alisyn: he says there is no risk the u.s. will be like greece but he says there is still a lot of work to be done. he said the knives should be allowed, knives, allowed on planes. that recommendation, believe it or not is coming from the former head of the tsa. he said things like box cutters and lighters are not nearly as threatening as they used to be, now that cockpit doors are reinforced and air marshals are on many flights. instead he says airport security agents need to focus on the
6:37 am
bigger picture, and adapt to what terrorists might do in the future. on a weather note, snl takes on the g.o.p. look at the spoof of the republican presidential candidates, current and former singing about their time on the campaign trail. >> ♪ ♪ another turning point ♪ stuck in the road ♪ >> ♪ ♪ where to go... >> make the best of this and don't ask why ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ it is all unpredictable but in the end... it was the time of my life...♪ >> clayton: i liked that. >> alisyn: the guy who fumbled his lines, rick perry.
6:38 am
>> dave: and newt gingrich walked by, and stole the peanuts and mitt romney drank a napkin, if you wonder what his choice of beverage was. >> clayton: we are talking about prom and it is prom season and a study out showing the prom, we're spending more than ever before, kids are spending more than ever before because they want the red carpet experience, like their famous celebrities. and here's a look at the price tags on the items. >> alisyn: look at all the crazy things people are shopping for, you need a dress, obviously, more expensive than it used to be and a tux, okay, do you need new shoes? i'm not sure. >> dave: a limo. >> alisyn: a professional hair person? >> clayton: i took my dad's car. >> alisyn: but, young girls are getting their makeup done, nails done, their hair done, it adds up. >> dave: and it adds up to over a thousand dollars per person on average. that is up $270 from just a year ago, a year ago the average spending $800 and now well over a thousand dollars and it is interesting, people spending the most make between 20 and $30,000
6:39 am
a year, that is the people spending the big money, not the higher income brackets. >> alisyn: come on, people. let's look at our pictures and see how much we spent. now... >> dave: and how it changed. >> alisyn: dave briggs admits he spent a lot on his prom and you can tell. look what is going on here. >> dave: a limo guy, cummerbund, too much on dinner, hopefully kelly enjoyed that. >> clayton: and you spent a little on getting the tan, too, i see. in the photo. >> dave: free of charge. >> alisyn: clayton, you may have gone... [laughter]. >> clayton: i went low budget. >> dave: you know he borrowed the tux. >> clayton: and the shoulder pads, that was a rental, by the way. it was horrible. >> alisyn: you look like one of the talking heads. >> clayton: that is me, david byrne. >> alisyn: david byrne in his suit. >> clayton: from the "making sense" tour and look at how pale i look, too.
6:40 am
i should have borrowed dave's tanning bed. ali didn't find her photo, a viewer found a photo of you and sent it in. >> alisyn: i new my prom photo was on the show before and i'm assuming... >> clayton: out there publicly. >> alisyn: got it from the show and not from my own photo album. keith mcdonald sent it in, an author and humorist... >> clayton: did you go from the prom to the show, "annie get your gun"? >> alisyn: the saloon had just closed, looks like. i mean, i have more... >> dave: a good look. we want to share the viewers' looks and we have one from tim and anita in georgia. look at that... >> alisyn: wow! >> dave: blue, green... >> clayton: i was 16, she was 15, we were married in 1979 and still married today. >> alisyn: hand me sunglasses, wow. >> clayton: tammy in florida, her old prom pics on e-mail,
6:41 am
taken 1977 and she says i wore shoes i had already had and didn't own my hair, make -- >> alisyn: i did my own... >> clayton: oh! i didn't moan my hair! >> dave: dress $70 and today... >> clayton: and car pooled. that is exactly what i did. i didn't own my own hair, either. >> alisyn: it doesn't look like you owned your own hair in your prom picture. >> looked like a hair piece, send us your photos, we want to see how they match up against dave. ff weekend. dave takes the cake for being the most polished. >> dave: the most exclusively club, five living members, up next, an inside look at the president's club. fascinating stuff. >> alisyn: and do you want to see vegetables disappear from your child's plate, likity-split? they look good enough to eat. our next guest showing off her veggie masterpieces. >> clayton: i hope you are watching the next segment.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> clayton: welcome back. it is the most exclusive fraternity in the country. a club that only has one requirement, is a simple one, you have to have been the leader of the free world. pretty simple. joining us now with an inside look is the author of the new fantastic book "the president's club", nancy gibbs, out on tuesday, i tweeted a pictua pic of it yesterday. a fascinating read, and can't put the book down, the president's club, who among us knew it existed. >> we talked about it met foreca -- -- metaphorically and there is a
6:46 am
room in the white house, only four men are allowed to check into. an unmarked townhouse they use, when they are visiting, it has rich choose and, something their conscious of, once you have been the president of the united states you are bound to the other presidents by an experience no one else can understand. >> clayton: remarkable, you talk about a senior advisor to three presidents, recalling watching the faces of the presidents as they learn, my god, what have they gotten myself into and they realize on the campaign trail, these guys know -- have no idea, when they get the first briefing, everything changes. >> president bush, the first president bush told us that you think you now. you are campaigning and think you know what it means to be president and the day you get your first intelligence briefing, everything changes. now you realize not just the weight of the responsibility you carry but the fact that until you are in that position you can never judge a president without knowing what crosses his desk and what he knows that he bases
6:47 am
his decisions on. >> clayton: fascinating relationships emerged. reagan and clinton. fascinating. who among us knew it was a unique club, they'd have phone calls an conversations. >> this is a transition between one of the oldest, reagan was one of the oldest presidents, and clinton one of the youngest and after the election clinton went to visit reagan in his office in los angeles to get advice, which is something new presidents typically do, and, reagan, had two pieces of advice, first, use camp david. very important that you rest, the job is a killer and, second, you need to learn how to salute. and, reagan, the former actor, understood about percentage the job of president and saw through the clinton he didn't perform a military salute and, they practiced it. >> clayton: and he was mocked for not doing a proper salute and, truman and hoover. this is where the club started, correct? >> and the most unlikely pair, couldn't be more different politically and personally and
6:48 am
truman finds himself in office and he's facing a disaster in europe, a humanitarian disaster, and herbert hoover, an engineer before he was president was very good at solving complex puzzles and, truman called him in, he had not set foot in the white house since he left office, 13 years before and truman said, i need your help and hoover as we saw again and again and again, did not care the current president is a democrat, republican, it is about serving the country and hoover knew there were things he could do to help... >> clayton: and one of the stories, he cried being thankful he was being brought back into the fold, because of the humanitarian and food crisis following world war ii. >> it was frustrating for him, not to be able to help when he had the relationships overseas that could make a difference. >> clayton: and, we have the first president bush and a relationship that he had. tell us about this. >> the extraordinary one is to have a father and son in the
6:49 am
white house, so close together and what struck -- a lot of people wrote, doctoral dissertations were written, how it affected the presidency and we were interested in how bush 43's presidency affected the father-son relationship and he understood, a president has many, many, many advisors and you only have one father and what was important and they both talk about, how it was the unconditional love of a father no one else could provide, it wasn't a matter of the senior president bush giving advice to the younger. >> clayton: one thing i liked, you mentioned thomas jefferson calling the presidency a splendid misery and president eisenhower was mocked for playing a lot of golf and president truman said, you know what? misery follows you around on the golf course, all the presidents' problems followed them around and anyone who has not been in office, don't mock it because you have no idea what you are talk you about. >> there are many ways they defend one another and one of
6:50 am
them, don't criticize a president for taking vacations, don't criticize him for playing a round of golf. you have no idea what that job does to you and we want our president to rest, to get to replenish themselves, it is really important. >> clayton: as reagan said, go to camp david, nancy gibbs, the book is fascinating, out on tuesday and pre-order it now on amazon, a fascinating walk through american history. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up, vegetables, never looked so good. showing you incredible veggie creations the whole family will want to eat. i hope my wife is watching, my son will eat more vegetables. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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6:53 am
>> dave: welcome back, parents we understand your pain, how
6:54 am
difficult it is getting your children to eat vegetables, i suffer with this every day. but we have help. >> alisyn: clare is here, you are a veggie artist and you make the vegetable is look so tantalizing you can't resist. >> alisyn: exactly right. i think it is very important to eat your vegetables and i am lucky enough to have done the book "a very veggie world". >> dave: and getting kids involved in the process helps them get to eat them and you will show us the bear paws. >> sliced sweet potato toes wit nutmeg and orange zest and we put the cashews on for the claws and zach, help me put on the claws. >> alisyn: and, you are adding the claws. >> and serve them in pairs, of
6:55 am
course! >> alisyn: and the finished product. how cool it looks. >> dave: and these are sweet so that gives you a much better chance... >> and the orange zest and nutmeg make them tasty. >> do you like sweet potatoes? >> yes. >> alisyn: would you eat one that looks like a bear paw? >> um ... maybe. >> alisyn: very good. and, tell us about the boat. >> we'll make the zuchini boats and we steamed the zucchini and couscous with feta cheese and we scoop it into our boat. thank you so much. no mistakes here and we'll bake them in the oven and to finish them you take a little carrot sail. >> dave: add the sail. >> and you can get the detailed recipes on
6:56 am
>> dave: and a veggie wagon. >> yes, righting through, here, with the eggplant. so, we have eggplant we have hollowed out a little bit and, i have this -- tomato sauce and eggplant and zuchini and onions we scoop into the boat and make the wheels out of sliced zucchini with toothpicks. >> alisyn: cool! it looks great. >> dave: tastes great, too. >> alisyn: clare, thanks so much. >> dave: the book is a very veggie world and the web site, >> alisyn: more "fox & friends," two minutes. excellent work, guys. veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> alisyn: thanks for watching and obviously keep it tuned to fox for the coverage of the tornado aftermath in the midwest. >> clayton: absolutely. we will see you bright and early, next weekend, at 6:00 a.m i came out here assuming it


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